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Go Mei Lin
Mei, L.
Mei Lin, G.
Go M.-L.
Go, M.-L.
Go, M.I.
Go, M.L.
Mei, L.G.
Go, Mei Lin
Mei Lin Go
Go, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Dec-200526Fe The Use of Iron-Based Drugs in MedicineWu, X.; Go, M.L. 
21995A differential scanning calorimetry study of the interaction of the antimalarial agent halofanthrine with dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline bilayersLim, L.-Y. ; Go, M.-L. 
32017A New Generation of Arachidonic Acid Analogues as Potential Neurological Agent Targeting Cytosolic Phospholipase A2Ng C.Y. ; Kannan S.; Chen Y.J. ; Tan F.C.K. ; Ong W.Y.; Go M.L. ; Verma C.S.; Low C.-M. ; Lam Y. 
44-Jul-2008A small molecule inhibitor of isoprenylcysteine carboxymethyltransferase induces autophagic cell death in PC3 prostate cancer cellsWang, M. ; Tan, W. ; Zhou, J. ; Leow, J.; Go, M. ; How, S.L.; Casey, P.J. 
51988Action of mefloquine on agonist-induced contractions of the guinea-pig isolated ileumGo, M.L. ; Lee, H.S. 
61988Action of mefloquine on toad isolated rectus abdominis muscleLee, H.S. ; Go, M.L. 
72017Action of YM155 on clear cell renal cell carcinoma does not depend on surviving expression levelsSim M.Y.; Huynh H. ; Go M.L. ; Yuen J.S.P. 
81990Actions of mefloquine and related antimalarials on the isolated chick biventer cervicis preparationGo, M.L. ; Lee, H.S.
913-Oct-2022Alkyltriphenylphosphonium turns naphthoquinoneimidazoles into potent membrane depolarizers against mycobacteriaFridianto, KT; Gunawan, GA ; Hards, K; Sarathy, JP; Cook, GM; Dick, T ; Go, ML ; Lam, Y 
1013-May-2021Amide-Amine Replacement in Indole-2-carboxamides Yields Potent Mycobactericidal Agents with Improved Water SolubilityTan, Yu Jia; Li, Ming ; Gunawan, Gregory Adrian ; Nyantakyi, Samuel Agyei; Dick, Thomas; Go, Mei-Lin ; Lam, Yulin 
1114-Oct-2010Amino derivatives of indole as potent inhibitors of isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferaseGo, M.-L. ; Leow, J.L.; Gorla, S.K. ; Schüller, A.P. ; Wang, M. ; Casey, P.J. 
1213-Apr-2017Amphiphilic Indole Derivatives as Antimycobacterial Agents: Structure-Activity Relationships and Membrane Targeting PropertiesYang, Tianming ; Moreira, Wilfried ; Nyantakyi, Samuel Agyei; Chen, Huan; Aziz, Dinah Binte ; Go, Mei-Lin ; Dick, Thomas 
13Jul-2011Anti-prion activities and drug-like potential of functionalized quinacrine analogs with basic phenyl residues at the 9-amino positionNguyen, T.; Sakasegawa, Y.; Doh-Ura, K.; Go, M.-L. 
142018Anti-survivin effect of the small molecule inhibitor YM155 in RCC cells is mediated by time-dependent inhibition of the NF-?B pathwaySim M.Y.; Yuen J.S.P. ; Go M.L. 
152-Sep-2002Antimalarial activity of ferrocenyl chalconesWu, X.; Wilairat, P.; Go, M.-L. 
166-Dec-2001Antimalarial alkoxylated and hydroxylated chalones: Structure-activity relationship analysisLiu, M.; Wilairat, P.; Go, M.-L. 
179-Jan-2020Antimalarial N-1,N-3-Dialkyldioxonaphthoimidazoliums: Synthesis, Biological Activity, and Structure-activity RelationshipsAhenkorah, Stephen; Coertzen, Dina; Tong, Jie Xin ; Fridianto, Kevin ; Wittlin, Sergio; Birkholtz, Lyn-Marie; Tan, Kevin SW ; Lam, Yulin ; Go, Mei-Lin ; Haynes, Richard K
18Feb-2006Antiplasmodial activity of ferrocenyl chalcones: Investigations into the role of ferroceneWu, X.; Tiekink, E.R.T. ; Kostetski, I. ; Kocherginsky, N. ; Tan, A.L.C. ; Khoo, S.B. ; Wilairat, P.; Go, M.-L. 
19Sep-2004Antiplasmodial chalcones inhibit sorbitol-induced hemolysis of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytesGo, M.-L. ; Liu, M.; Wilairat, P.; Rosenthal, P.J.; Saliba, K.J.; Kirk, K.
2015-Jul-2008Antiprion activity of functionalized 9-aminoacridines related to quinacrineNguyen Thi, H.T.; Lee, C.-Y. ; Teruya, K.; Ong, W.-Y.; Doh-ura, K.; Go, M.-L.