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Khoo Soo Beng
(not current staff)
Khoo, S.-B.
Khoo, S.B.
Beng Khoo, S.
Khoo Soo Beng
Beng, K.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119981-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-naphthol modified carbon paste electrode for trace cobalt(II) determination by differential pulse cathodic voltammetryKhan, M.R.; Khoo, S.B. 
2Feb-2006Antiplasmodial activity of ferrocenyl chalcones: Investigations into the role of ferroceneWu, X.; Tiekink, E.R.T. ; Kostetski, I. ; Kocherginsky, N. ; Tan, A.L.C. ; Khoo, S.B. ; Wilairat, P.; Go, M.-L. 
31999Cathodic stripping voltammetric determination of ultratrace gold(III) at a bulk modified epoxy-graphite tube composite electrode in flow systemsYe, R.; Khoo, S.B. 
424-Jan-1996Channel mimetic sensing membranes for alkali metal cations based on oriented monolayers of calixarene esters 1,2Yagi, K.; Khoo, S.B. ; Sugawara, M.; Sakaki, T.; Shinkai, S.; Odashima, K.; Umezawa, Y.
51989Characterisation of mercury deposition on a platinum thin-ring ultramicroelectrode and its application to flow injection anodic stripping voltammetryTay, E.B.-T.; Khoo, S.-B. ; Loh, S.-W.
620-Dec-1995Characterization and application of an on-line flow injection analysis/wall-jet electrode system for glucose monitoring during fermentationHuang, Y.L. ; Foellmer, T.J.; Ang, K.C.; Khoo, S.B. ; Yap, M.G.S. 
7Apr-1997Continuous Flow and Flow Injection Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Silver(I), Mercury(II), and Bismuth(III) at a Bulk Modified Graphite Tube ElectrodeYe, R.; Khoo, S.B. 
8Oct-2002Controllable zeolite films on electrodes - Comparing dc voltage electrophoretic deposition and a novel pulsed voltage methodYu, B.; Khoo, S.B. 
91999Copper(II) diethyldithiocarbamate modified carbon paste electrode for highly selective accumulation of cysteineGuo, S.X.; Khoo, S.B. 
1016-Dec-2002Cyclic thioether and acyclic thioether-thiolate complexes of pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ruthenium(II, III)Goh, L.Y. ; Teo, M.E.; Khoo, S.B. ; Leong, W.K. ; Vittal, J.J. 
111995Determination of glutamine in mammalian cell cultures with a flow injection analysis/wall-jet electrode systemHuang Yu Liang; Khoo Soo Beng ; Yap, M.G. 
1215-Apr-1993Determination of trace aluminium by differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetry of aluminium(II) -8-hydroxyquinoline complexCai, Q.; Beng Khoo, S. 
13Dec-1996Determination of trace amounts of antimony(III) by differential-pulse anodic stripping voltammetry at a phenylfluorone-modified carbon paste electrodeKhoo, S.B. ; Zhu, J.
141995Determination of trace thallium after accumulation of thallium(III) at a 8-hydroxyquinoline-modified carbon paste electrodeCai, Q.; Khoo, S.B. 
152000Determination of trace tin in flow systems at an epoxy-carbon powder-8-hydroxyquinoline composite electrodeKhoo, S.B. ; Ye, R.
16Jan-1997Differential Pulse Cathodic Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Manganese(II) and Manganese(VII) at the 1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-Naphthol-Modified Carbon Paste ElectrodeKhoo, S.B. ; Soh, M.K.; Cai, Q.; Khan, M.R.; Guo, S.X.
172002Differential pulse voltammetric determination of trace Os(IV) at a sol-gel-ceramic-carbon powder-9-phenyl-3-fluorone composite electrode in flow systemsKhoo, S.B. ; Ye, R.
1825-Feb-2002Differential pulse voltammetric determination of trace Te(IV) at a poly(3,3′-diaminobenzidine) film modified gold electrode in flow systemsKhoo, S.B. ; Ye, R.
1930-Sep-1997Electrocatalytic oxidation of H2O2 at an oxycobalt film modified glassy carbon electrode for fermentation monitoringKhoo, S.B. ; Yap, M.G.S. ; Huang, Y.L. ; Guo, S.
2015-Feb-2005Electrocatalytic oxidations of biological molecules (ascorbic acid and uric acids) at highly oxidized electrodesPremkumar, J.; Khoo, S.B.