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12016Boromycin kills mycobacterial persisters without detectable resistanceMoreira, W ; Aziz, D.B ; Dick, T 
22017Bortezomib warhead-switch confers dual activity against mycobacterial caseinolytic protease and proteasome and selectivity against human proteasomeMoreira W. ; Santhanakrishnan, S ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
32016Fragment-based whole cell screen delivers hits against M. tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacteriaMoreira, W ; Lim, J.J; Yeo, S.Y; Ramanujulu, P.M ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
42020Hydrogen Sulfide Sensitizes Acinetobacter baumannii to Killing by AntibioticsNg, S.Y.; Ong, K.X.; Surendran, S.T.; Sinha, A.; Lai, J.J.H.; Chen, J.; Liang, J.; Tay, L.K.S.; Cui, L.; Loo, H.L.; Ho, P.; Han, J.; Moreira, W. 
52015Target mechanism-based whole-cell screening identifies bortezomib as an inhibitor of caseinolytic protease in mycobacteriaMoreira W. ; Ngan G.J.Y.; Low J.L. ; Poulsen A. ; Chia B.C.S.; Ang M.J.Y.; Yap A.; Fulwood J.; Lakshmanan U. ; Lim J.; Khoo A.Y.T. ; Flotow H.; Hill J. ; Raju R.M.; Rubin E.J.; Dick T. 
62018The mycobacterial membrane: A novel target space for anti-tubercular drugsChen H. ; Nyantakyi S.A.; Li M.; Gopal P. ; Aziz D.B. ; Yang T. ; Moreira W. ; Gengenbacher M. ; Dick T. ; Go M.L. 
72017Towards selective mycobacterial ClpP1P2 inhibitors with reduced activity against the human proteasomeMoreira, W ; Santhanakrishnan, S ; Ngan, G.J.Y; Low, C.B; Sangthongpitag, K; Poulsen, A ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T