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12011BCG induces protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in the wistar rat modelSinghal A.; Mathys V.; Kiass M.; Creusy C.; Delaire B.; Aliouat E.M.; Dartois V.; Kaplan G.; Bifani P. 
22012CC8 MRSA strains harboring SCCmec type IVc are predominant in Colombian hospitalsJiménez J.N.; Ocampo A.M.; Vanegas J.M.; Rodriguez E.A.; Mediavilla J.R.; Chen L.; Muskus C.E.; Vélez L.A.; Rojas C.; Restrepo A.V.; Ospina S.; Garcés C.; Franco L.; Bifani P. ; Kreiswirth B.N.; Correa M.M.
32008Detecting the molecular scars of evolution in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex by analyzing interrupted coding sequencesDeshayes, C; Perrodou, E; Euphrasie, D; Frapy, E; Poch, O; Bifani, P ; Lecompte, O; Reyrat, J.-M
42011Experimental tuberculosis in the wistar rat: A model for protective immunity and control of infectionSinghal A.; Aliouat E.M.; Hervé M.; Mathys V.; Kiass M.; Creusy C.; Delaire B.; Tsenova L.; Fleurisse L.; Bertout J.; Camacho L.; Foo D.; Tay H.C.; Siew J.Y.; Boukhouchi W.; Romano M.; Mathema B.; Dartois V.; Kaplan G.; Bifani P. 
52016Genomic epidemiology of Lineage 4 Mycobacterium tuberculosis subpopulations in New York city and New Jersey, 1999-2009Brown, T.S; Narechania, A; Walker, J.R; Planet, P.J; Bifani, P.J ; Kolokotronis, S.-O; Kreiswirth, B.N; Mathema, B
61-Sep-2019Hepatic spheroids used as an in vitro model to study malaria relapseChua, Adeline CY ; Ananthanarayanan, Abhishek; Ong, Jessica Jie Ying; Wong, Jen Yi; Yip, Andy; Singh, Nisha Hari; Qu, Yinghua ; Dembele, Laurent; McMillian, Michael ; Ubalee, Ratawan; Davidson, Silas; Tungtaeng, Anchalee; Imerbsin, Rawiwan; Gupta, Kapish ; Andolina, Chiara; Lee, Fan; Tan, Kevin S-W ; Nosten, Francois; Russell, Bruce ; Lange, Amber; Diagana, Thierry T ; Renia, Laurent ; Yeung, Bryan KS; Yu, Hanry ; Bifani, Pablo 
72016Mutations in the Plasmodium falciparum cyclic amine resistance locus (PfCARL) confer multidrug resistanceLamonte, G; Lim, M.Y.-X; Wree, M; Reimer, C; Nachon, M; Corey, V; Gedeck, P; Plouffe, D; Du, A; Figueroa, N; Yeung, B; Bifani, P ; Winzeler, E.A
82011Phylogeny of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing strains constructed from Polymorphisms in genes involved in DNA replication, recombination and repairMestre O.; Luo T.; Dos Vultos T.; Kremer K.; Murray A.; Namouchi A.; Jackson C.; Rauzier J.; Bifani P. ; Warren R.; Rasolofo V.; Mei J.; Gao Q.; Gicquel B.
92002Spoligologos: A bioinformatic approach to displaying and analyzing Mycobacterium tuberculosis dataDriscoll, J.R; Bifani, P.J ; Mathema, B; McGarry, M.A; Zickas, G.M; Kreiswirth, B.N; Taber, H.W
102017The Plasmodium PI(4)K inhibitor KDU691 selectively inhibits dihydroartemisinin-pretreated Plasmodium falciparum ring-stage parasitesDembele, L; Ang, X; Chavchich, M; Bonamy, G.M.C; Selva, J.J; Lim, M.Y.-X; Bodenreider, C; Yeung, B.K.S; Nosten, F; Russell, B.M; Edstein, M.D; Straimer, J; Fidock, D.A; Diagana, T.T ; Bifani, P