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Dymock,Brian William
Dymock, Brian William
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Antioxidants inhibit neuronal toxicity in Parkinson's disease-linked LRRK2Angeles D.C. ; Ho P.; Dymock B.W. ; Lim K.-L. ; Zhou Z.-D.; Tan E.-K. 
22017Bortezomib warhead-switch confers dual activity against mycobacterial caseinolytic protease and proteasome and selectivity against human proteasomeMoreira W. ; Santhanakrishnan, S ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
32017Dual blockade of the lipid kinase PIP4Ks and mitotic pathways leads to cancer-selective lethalityKitagawa M. ; Liao P.-J. ; Lee K.H. ; Wong J. ; Shang S.C. ; Minami N.; Sampetrean O.; Saya H.; Lingyun D.; Prabhu N.; Diam G.K.; Sobota R.; Larsson A.; Nordlund P.; McCormick F.; Ghosh S. ; Epstein D.M. ; Dymock B.W. ; Lee S.H. 
42016Fragment-based whole cell screen delivers hits against M. tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacteriaMoreira, W ; Lim, J.J; Yeo, S.Y; Ramanujulu, P.M ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
52015Hydrogen sulfide promotes adipogenesis in 3T3L1 cellsTsai Chinyi ; Peh Meng Teng ; Feng Wei ; Dymock, Brian William ; Moore, Philip Keith
62017Intracellular hyper-acidification potentiated by hydrogen sulfide mediates invasive and therapy resistant cancer cell deathLee Z.-W. ; Teo X.-Y. ; Song Z.J. ; Nin D.S. ; Novera W. ; Choo B.A. ; Dymock B.W. ; Moore P.K. ; Huang R.Y.-J. ; Deng L.-W. 
72015Mutation of histone H3 serine 86 disrupts GATA factor Ams2 expression and precise chromosome segregation in fission yeastLim, K.K ; Ong, T.Y; Tan, Y.R ; Yang, E.G ; Ren, B ; Seah, K.S ; Yang, Z; Tan, T.S; Dymock, B.W ; Chen, E.S 
82017Towards selective mycobacterial ClpP1P2 inhibitors with reduced activity against the human proteasomeMoreira, W ; Santhanakrishnan, S ; Ngan, G.J.Y; Low, C.B; Sangthongpitag, K; Poulsen, A ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T