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Hwei Ling Tan
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Crystal structure and functional analysis of human C1ORF123Rahaman, S.N.A; Yusop, J.M; Mohamed-Hussein, Z.-A; Aizat, W.M; Ho, K.L; Teh, A.-H; Waterman, J; Tan, B.K; Tan, H.L ; Li, A.Y ; Chen, E.S ; Ng, C.L
21-Oct-2022GRANT Motif Regulates CENP-A Incorporation and Restricts RNA Polymerase II Accessibility at CentromereTan, HL ; Chen, ES 
320-Sep-2018Identifying Protein Interactions with Histone Peptides Using Bio-layer Interferometry.Ren, Bingbing ; Sayed, Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed; Tan, Hwei Ling ; Mok, Yu Keung ; Chen, Ee Sin 
42018Prolyl isomerization of the CENP-A N-Terminus regulates centromeric integrity in fission yeastTan, H.L. ; Lim, K.K. ; Yang, Q. ; Fan, J.-S. ; Sayed, A.M.M.; Low, L.S. ; Ren, B. ; Lim, T.K. ; Lin, Q. ; Mok, Y.-K. ; Liou, Y.-C. ; Chen, E.S. 
52018Regulation of transcriptional silencing and chromodomain protein localization at centromeric Heterochromatin by histone H3 tyrosine 41 phosphorylation in fission yeastRen, B. ; Tan, H.L. ; Nguyen, T.T.T. ; Sayed, A.M.M.; Li, Y. ; Mok, Y.-K. ; Yang, H. ; Chen, E.S. 
615-Sep-2018SAHA and cisplatin sensitize gastric cancer cells to doxorubicin by induction of DNA damage, apoptosis and perturbation of AMPK-mTOR signallingSeah, Kwi Shan ; Loh, Jian Yun ; Thi, Thuy Trang Nguyena; Hwei, Ling Tan ; Hutchinson, Paul E ; Lim, Kim Kiat ; Dymock, Brian W ; Long, Yun Chau ; Lee Jon Deoon,Edmund ; Shen, Han-Ming ; Chen, Ee Sin