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Ming Wah, Richard Wong
Wong, M.W.
Wah Wong, M.
Ming, W.W.
Wong, M.-W.
Ming Wah Wong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
129-Nov-20022-Pyrazinylnitrene and 4-pyrimidylnitrene. Ring expansion to 1,3,5-triazacyclohepta-1,2,4,6-tetraene and ring opening to (2-isocyanovinyl) carbodiimideAddicott, C.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
2Apr-2000A theoretical study of the properties and reactivities of ketene, thioketene, and selenoketeneMa, N.L. ; Wong, M.W. 
328-May-1999Ab initio study on thermal decomposition of γ-butyrolactoneLi, Z.-H.; Wang, W.-N.; Fan, K.-N.; Wong, M.W. ; Huang, H.-H. ; Huang, W. 
45-May-2000Acylthioketene-thioacylketene-thiet-2-one rearrangementsAmmann, J.R.; Flammang, R.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
52020Affinity of antifungal isoxazolo[3,4?b]pyridine?3(1H)?ones to phospholipids in immobilized artificial membrane (IAM) chromatographyCiura, K.; Fedorowicz, J.; Žuvela, P. ; Lovri?, M.; Kapica, H.; Baranowski, P.; Sawicki, W.; Wong, M.W. ; S?czewski, J.
6Sep-1999Alkoxy isothiocyanates, RO-N=C=SBech, A.T.; Flammang, R.; Pedersen, C.Th.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
72001An ab initio MO study of the gas-phase reactions 2 SF2 → FS-SF3 → S=SF4 - Molecular structures, reaction enthalpies and activation energiesSteudel, Y.; Steudel, R.; Wong, M.W. ; Lentz, D.
8Jan-2013Anion recognition by azophenol thiourea-based chromogenic sensors: A combined DFT and molecular dynamics investigationWong, M.W. ; Xie, H.; Kwa, S.T.
92020Application of halogen bonding to organocatalysis: A theoretical perspectiveYang, H. ; Wong, M.W. 
106-Feb-2002Atomic properties of N2O4 based on its experimental charge densityMesserschmidt, M.; Wagner, A.; Wong, M.W. ; Luger, P.
11Mar-1998Carboxy(vinyl)ketene intermediates in the thermolysis of methylthio- and methoxy-substituted Meldrum's acid derivativesBibas, H.; Kappe, C.O.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
122007Carboxyketenes, methyleneketenes, vinylketenes, oxetanediones, ynols, and ylidic ketenes from Meldrum's acid derivativesGeorge, L.; Wong, M.W. ; Wentrup, C.
1314-Sep-2001Characterization of C2S4 ·+ isomers by mass spectrometry and ab initio molecular orbital calculationsGerbauxa, P.; Flammanga, R.; Wentrup, C.; Wong, M.W. 
141999Characterization of new sulfide ions (C2S3 .+) from ethenedithione by ion-molecule reactionsGerbaux, P.; Flammang, R.; Pedersen, C.Th.; Wong, M.W. 
152008Complexation of the vulcanization accelerator tetramethylthiuram disulfide and related molecules with zinc compounds including zinc oxide clusters (Zn 4O4)Steudel, R.; Steudel, Y.; Wong, M.W. 
162012Computational design of thiourea-based cyclophane sensors for small anionsXie, H.; Wong, M.W. 
172001Conformational analysis of meso- and (±)-2,3-dicyano-2,3-dicyclopropylbutane and 1,2-dicyanotetracyclopropylethaneLam, Y.-L. ; Ming Wah Wong ; Huang, H.-H. ; Liang, E.
1820-Jun-2005Coordination of Li +, Ca +, V +, and Cu + to the molecules S 8 and S 4 -A computational studySteudel, Y.; Wong, M.W. ; Steudel, R.
192007Dark-red O8 molecules in solid oxygen: Rhomboid clusters, not S8-like ringsSteudel, R.; Ming, W.W. 
202010Direct asymmetric aldol reactions between aldehydes and ketones catalyzed by l-tryptophan in the presence of waterJiang, Z.; Yang, H. ; Han, X.; Luo, J.; Wong, M.W. ; Lu, Y.