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Yixin Lu
Lu Y.
Lu, Y.-X.
Lu, Y.X.
Lu, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2013A facile approach for the asymmetric synthesis of oxindoles with a 3-sulfenyl-substituted quaternary stereocenterDou, X.; Zhou, B.; Yao, W.; Zhong, F.; Jiang, C.; Lu, Y. 
229-Oct-2012A highly enantioselective synthesis of functionalized 2,3-dihydrofurans by a modified Feist-Bénary reactionDou, X.; Zhong, F.; Lu, Y. 
320-Sep-2004A novel cyclic enkephalin analogue with potent opioid antagonist activityWeltrowska, G.; Lu, Y. ; Lemieux, C.; Chung, N.N.; Schiller, P.W.
4Mar-2009Activated carbon supported Cu-Ni bimetallic catalyst for direct synthesis of DMC from CH3OH and CO2: Effect of pretreatment of Activated carbon supportsBian, J.; Xiao, M.; Wang, S.J.; Meng, Y.Z.; Lu, Y.X. 
521-Nov-2005Aromatic disulfide polymers back to macrocyclic disulfide oligomers via cyclo-depolymerization reactionMeng, Y.Z.; Liang, Z.A.; Lu, Y.X. ; Hay, A.S.
625-Jan-2012Asymmetric [3+2] annulation of allenes with maleimides catalyzed by dipeptide-derived phosphines: Facile creation of functionalized bicyclic cyclopentenes containing two tertiary stereogenic centersZhao, Q.; Han, X.; Wei, Y.; Shi, M.; Lu, Y. 
72006Asymmetric aldol reactions catalyzed by tryptophan in waterJiang, Z.; Liang, Z. ; Wu, X. ; Lu, Y. 
83-Aug-2012Asymmetric allylic alkylation of isatin-derived Morita-Baylis-Hillman carbonates with nitroalkanesChen, G.-Y.; Zhong, F.; Lu, Y. 
92009Asymmetric catalysis with chiral primary amine-based organocatalystsXu, L.-W. ; Luo, J.; Lu, Y. 
1020-Jul-2012Asymmetric construction of functionalized bicyclic imides via [3 + 2] annulation of MBH carbonates catalyzed by dipeptide-based phosphinesZhong, F.; Chen, G.-Y.; Han, X.; Yao, W.; Lu, Y. 
112009Asymmetric generation of fluorine-containing quaternary carbons adjacent to tertiary stereocenters: Uses of fluorinated methines as nucleophilesHan, X.; Luo, J.; Liu, C.; Lu, Y. 
1228-Sep-2009Asymmetric mannich reaction of fluorinated ketoesters with a tryptophan-derived bifunctional thiourea catalystHan, X.; Kwiatkowski, J.; Xue, T.; Huang, K.-W. ; Lu, Y. 
1315-Jan-2009Asymmetric Michael addition mediated by novel cinchona alkaloid-derived bifunctional catalysts containing sulfonamidesLuo, J.; Xu, L.-W. ; Hay, R.A.S.; Lu, Y. 
142015Asymmetric Michael addition of α-fluoro-α-nitro esters to nitroolefins: Towards synthesis of α-fluoro-α-substituted amino acidsKwiatkowski J.; Lu Y. 
1513-Aug-2012Asymmetric organocatalytic decarboxylative Mannich reaction using β-keto acids: A new protocol for the synthesis of chiral â-amino ketonesJiang, C.; Zhong, F.; Lu, Y. 
162008Asymmetric organocatalytic Michael addition of ketones to vinyl sulfoneZhu, Q.; Cheng, L.; Lu, Y. 
173-Dec-2010Asymmetric synthesis of 2-Aryl-2,3-dihydro-4-quinolones via bifunctional thiourea-mediated intramolecular cyclizationLiu, X.; Lu, Y. 
1814-Oct-2013Asymmetric synthesis of 3-spirocyclopropyl-2-oxindoles via intramolecular trapping of chiral aza-ortho-xylyleneDou, X.; Yao, W.; Zhou, B.; Lu, Y. 
1921-Sep-2010Bifunctional thiourea-promoted cascade aza-Michael-Henry-dehydration reactions: Asymmetric preparation of 3-nitro-1,2-dihydroquinolinesLiu, X.; Lu, Y. 
208-Apr-2010"carba"-analogues of fentanyl are opioid receptor agonistsWeltrowska, G.; Chung, N.N.; Lemieux, C.; Guo, J.; Lu, Y. ; Wilkes, B.C.; Schiller, P.W.