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Huang Wei
Wei, H.
Huang, W.
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112-Jul-2006A bipyridine-containing water-soluble conjugated polymer: Highly efficient fluorescence chemosensor for convenient transition metal ion detection in aqueous solutionChen, Y.; Fan, Q.-L.; Wang, P.; Zhang, B.; Huang, Y.-Q.; Zhang, G.-W.; Lu, X.-M.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Huang, W. 
212-Jul-2006A fluorene-containing water-soluble poly(p-phenyleneethynylene) derivative: Highly fluorescent and sensitive conjugated polymer with minor aggregation in aqueous solutionHuang, Y.-Q.; Fan, Q.-L.; Zhang, G.-W.; Chen, Y.; Lu, X.-M.; Huang, W. 
31998A new blue light-emitting polymer containing substituted thiophene and an arylene-1,3,4-oxadiazole moietyHuang, W. ; Meng, H.; Yu, W.-L. ; Gao, J.; Heeger, A.J.
411-Sep-2000A novel conjugated polymer containing alternating p- And n-type moieties with balanced properties of conducting holes and electronsWang, L.-H. ; Chen, Z.-K. ; Xiao, Y.; Kang, E.-T. ; Huang, W. 
522-Jul-1996A novel improved procedure for the synthesis of oxazolesHuang, W. ; Pei, J. ; Chen, B.; Pei, W.; Ye, X.
62001A novel rigid-rod alternating poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivative with oligo(ethylene oxide) side chainsHuang, C.; Huang, W. ; Guo, J.; Yang, C.-Z.; Kang, E.-T. 
714-Apr-2000A novel series of copolymers containing 2,5-dicyano-l,4-phenylene-vinylene - Synthetic tuning of the HOMO and LUMO energy levels of conjugated polymersXiao, Y.; Yu, W.-L. ; Chua, S.-J. ; Huang, W. 
812-Jan-1999A novel series of p - N diblock light-emitting copolymers based on oligothiophenes and 1,4-Bis(oxadiazolyl)-2,5-dialkyloxybenzeneHuang, W. ; Meng, H.; Yu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Chen, Z.-K. ; Lai, Y.-H. 
921-Apr-2000A novel triarylamine-based conjugated polymer and its unusual lights- emitting propertiesYu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
1030-Jun-1997A reversible electrical memory switching and its microscopic mechanism in amorphous (NCTA)2Ni(DMIT)2 thin filmsHan, M.Y. ; Huang, W. 
111999A simple and effective chemical route for the preparation of uniform nonaqueous gold colloidsHan, M.Y. ; Quek, C.H. ; Huang, W. ; Chew, C.H. ; Gan, L.M. 
123-Oct-1997A theoretical study on the isomerization of cyclopropane to propene with ab initio and DFT methodsFan, K.-N.; Li, Z.-H.; Wang, W.-N.; Huang, H.-H. ; Huang, W. 
1328-May-1999Ab initio study on thermal decomposition of γ-butyrolactoneLi, Z.-H.; Wang, W.-N.; Fan, K.-N.; Wong, M.W. ; Huang, H.-H. ; Huang, W. 
147-Feb-1997An ab initio study on the thermal decomposition of γ-thiobutyrolactoneHuang, H.H. ; Fan, K.N.; Huang, W. ; Li, Z.H.; Mok, C.Y. ; Wang, W.N.; Chin, W.S. 
154-Sep-2006An efficient synthesis of novel spiro[[8H]indeno[2,1-b]-thiophene-8,9′-fluorene] building block for blue light-emitting materialsXie, L.-H.; Fu, T.; Hou, X.-Y.; Tang, C.; Hua, Y.-R.; Wang, R.-J.; Fan, Q.-L.; Peng, B.; Wei, W.; Huang, W. 
162001Analysis of bipyridyl-containing conjugated polymers by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry [1]He, J.; He, M.; Pei, J. ; Ding, A.; Huang, W. 
17Sep-1997Anomalous optical properties and electron-phonon coupling enhancement in Fe2O3 nanoparticles coated with a layer of stearatesZou, B. ; Huang, W. ; Han, M.Y. ; Li, S.F.Y. ; Wu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wu, P.; Wang, R.
1822-Nov-1999Blue polymer light-emitting diodes from poly(9,9-dihexylfluorene-alt-co-2, 5-didecyloxy-para-phenylene)Yu, W.-L. ; Cao, Y.; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
192001Blue-light-emitting fluorene-based polymers with tunable electronic propertiesLiu, B. ; Yu, W.-L. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Huang, W. 
20May-2007Blue-light-emitting hyperbranched polyfluorenes with photocrosslinkable groupTang, D.-F.; Wen, G.-A.; Qi, X.-Y.; Xin, Y.; Zhu, X.-R.; Wang, L.-H.; Wei, W.; Huang, W.