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En-Tang Kang
Kang, E.-T.
Kang, E.T.
Kong, E.T.
Kang, En Tang
Kang, E.N.-T.
Kong, E.-T.
Kang, E.
Kang En Tang
Kang E.-T.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Sep-1999A Comparative Study on the Properties of Poly(2,5-dimethoxy-1,4-phenylene vinylene) by the CPR and Wessling MethodsWang, Y.M.; Gan, Y.Y.; Kang, E.T. ; Gan, L.H.
228-Apr-2006A dynamic random access memory based on a conjugated copolymer containing electron-donor and -acceptor moietiesLing, Q.-D. ; Song, Y.; Lim, S.-L.; Teo, E.Y.-H. ; Tan, Y.-P.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kwong, D.-L.; Kang, E.-T. ; Neoh, K.-G. 
3Aug-2007A flexible polymer memory deviceLi, L. ; Ling, Q.-D. ; Lim, S.-L.; Tan, Y.-P.; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Neoh, K.-G. 
41-Mar-1995A new assessment of the crystalline structure of undoped and doped aniline oligomers and polymersLux, F.; Samuelsen, E.J.; Kang, E.T. 
55-Dec-2005A new nitrite-selective fluorescent sensor fabricated from surface-initiated atom-transfer radical polymerizationPeng, Q.; Xie, M.-G.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. 
611-Sep-2000A novel conjugated polymer containing alternating p- And n-type moieties with balanced properties of conducting holes and electronsWang, L.-H. ; Chen, Z.-K. ; Xiao, Y.; Kang, E.-T. ; Huang, W. 
72001A novel rigid-rod alternating poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivative with oligo(ethylene oxide) side chainsHuang, C.; Huang, W. ; Guo, J.; Yang, C.-Z.; Kang, E.-T. 
821-Dec-2013A poly(vinylidene fluoride)-graft-poly(dopamine acrylamide) copolymer for surface functionalizable membranesXu, L.Q.; Chen, J.C.; Wang, R.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Fu, G.D.
9Feb-2011A polycationic antimicrobial and biocompatible hydrogel with microbe membrane suctioning abilityLi, P.; Poon, Y.F.; Li, W.; Zhu, H.-Y.; Yeap, S.H.; Cao, Y.; Qi, X.; Zhou, C.; Lamrani, M.; Beuerman, R.W.; Kang, E.-T. ; Mu, Y.; Li, C.M.; Chang, M.W.; Jan Leong, S.S.; Chan-Park, M.B.
1021-Mar-2014A solution-processable polymer-grafted graphene oxide derivative for nonvolatile rewritable memoryZhuang, X.; Chen, Y.; Wang, L.; Neoh, K.-G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Wang, C.
111993A structural investigation of polyvinylpyridine charge transfer complexes by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and static secondary ion mass spectrometryLoh, F.C. ; Tan, K.L.; Kang, E.T. 
122014A well-defined amphiphilic polymer co-network from precise control of the end-functional groups of linear RAFT polymersZhou, C.; Qian, S.; Zhang, A.; Xu, L.; Zhu, J.; Cheng, Z.; Kang, E.-T. ; Yao, F.; Fu, G.D.
132006A WORM-type memory device with rectifying effect based on a conjugated copolymer of PF6Eu on Si substrateTan, Y.P.; Ling, Q.D. ; Teo Eric, Y.H.; Song, Y.; Lim, S.L.; Lo Patrick, G.Q.; Kang, E.T. ; Zhu, C. ; Chan, D.S.H. 
14Jun-2011Acid-sensitive magnetic nanoparticles as potential drug depotsWuang, S.C. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Kang, E.-T. ; Leckband, D.E.; Pack, D.W.
158-Jun-2009Active protein-functionalized poly(poly(ethylene glycol) monomethacrylate)-Si(100) hybrids from surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for potential biological applicationsXu, F.J. ; Liu, L.Y.; Yang, W.T.; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
162000Adhesion and adhesion reliability enhancement of evaporated copper on surface modified poly(tetrafluoroethylene) films from graft copolymerizationWu, S.; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Cui, C.Q.; Lim, T.B.
17Oct-2001Adhesion enhancement of evaporated copper on HDPE surface modified by plasma polymerization of glycidyl methacrylateZou, X.P.; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
181999Adhesion enhancement of thermally evaporated aluminum to surface graft copolymerized poly(tetrafluoroethylene) filmZhang, M.C.; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Tan, K.L. 
191998Adhesion improvement of a poly(tetrafluoroethylene)-copper laminate by thermal graft copolymerizationZhang, J.; Cui, C.Q.; Lim, T.B.; Kang, E.N.-T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
201999Adhesion improvement of polytetrafluoroethylene/metal interface by graft copolymerizationZhang, J.; Cui, C.Q.; Lim, T.B.; Kang, E.-T. ; Neoh, K.G.