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Pei, J.
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122-Jul-1996A novel improved procedure for the synthesis of oxazolesHuang, W. ; Pei, J. ; Chen, B.; Pei, W.; Ye, X.
24-Apr-2000A novel series of efficient thiophene-based light-emitting conjugated polymers and application in polymer light-emitting diodesPei, J. ; Yu, W.-L.; Huang, W.; Heeger, A.J.
312-Jan-1999A novel series of p - N diblock light-emitting copolymers based on oligothiophenes and 1,4-Bis(oxadiazolyl)-2,5-dialkyloxybenzeneHuang, W. ; Meng, H.; Yu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Chen, Z.-K. ; Lai, Y.-H. 
421-Apr-2000A novel triarylamine-based conjugated polymer and its unusual lights- emitting propertiesYu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
52001Analysis of bipyridyl-containing conjugated polymers by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry [1]He, J.; He, M.; Pei, J. ; Ding, A.; Huang, W. 
622-Nov-1999Blue polymer light-emitting diodes from poly(9,9-dihexylfluorene-alt-co-2, 5-didecyloxy-para-phenylene)Yu, W.-L. ; Cao, Y.; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
729-Oct-1999Conjugated copolymers of 2-methoxy-5-2′-ethyl-hexyloxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene and 2,5-dicyano-1,4-phenylenevinylene as materials for polymer light-emitting diodesXiao, Y.; Yu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Chen, Z. ; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
86-Nov-2001Design and synthesis of bipyridyl-containing conjugated polymers: Effects of polymer rigidity on metal ion sensingLiu, B. ; Yu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Liu, S.-Y. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Huang, W. 
910-Sep-2002Efficient energy transfer to achieve narrow bandwidth red emission from Eu3+-grafting conjugated polymersPei, J. ; Liu, X.-L.; Yu, W.-L. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Niu, Y.-H.; Cao, Y.
1028-Jan-2003First hydrogen-bonding-induced self-assembled aggregates of a polyfluorene derivativePei, J. ; Liu, X.-L.; Chen, Z.-K.; Zhang, X.-H.; Lai, Y.-H.; Huang, W.
1112-Jul-2002Head-to-tail regioregular oligothiophene-functionalized 9,9′-spirobifluorene derivatives. 1. SynthesisPei, J. ; Ni, J.; Zhou, X.-H.; Cao, X.-Y.; Lai, Y.-H. 
1215-Feb-2001Hole-injection enhancement by copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) in blue polymer light-emitting diodesYu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Cao, Y.; Huang, W. 
131996Indium trichloride (InCl3) catalysed Diels-Alder reaction in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Lin, M.
141996Indium trichloride catalysed Mukaiyama aldol reaction in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Cao, G.-Q. 
1512-May-1997Indium-trichloride catalyzed Mukaiyama-aldol reaction in water: Solubility, aggregation and internal pressure effectLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Koh, K.S.-V.; Cao, G.-Q. ; Li, X.-R. 
1621-Sep-1999New efficient blue light emitting polymer for light emitting diodesYu, W.-L. ; Pei, J. ; Cao, Y.; Huang, W. ; Heeger, A.J.
17Nov-1998New Series of Blue-Light-Emitting Polymers Constituted of 3-Alkylthiophenes and 1,4-Di(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)phenyleneHuang, W. ; Yu, W.-L. ; Meng, H.; Pei, J. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
1830-Sep-2002Optical properties and time-resolved photoluminescence of conjugated polymers with europium complex side chain as an emitterWong, K.S.; Sun, T.; Liu, X.-L.; Pei, J. ; Huang, W. 
192001Phenylene-functionalized polythiophene derivatives for light-emitting diodes: Their synthesis, characterization and propertiesDing, A.-L.; Pei, J. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Huang, W. 
20Apr-2007Photophysical Properties and Electropolymerization of Regioregular Head-to-Tail Oligothiophenes-Functionalized 9,9′-spirobifluorene DerivativesJin, W.; Ni, J.; Lai, Y. ; Pei, J.