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126-Feb-2022A critical analysis of research methods and biological experimental models to study pulp regeneration.Rosa, Vinicius ; Sriram, Gopu ; McDonald, Neville; Cavalcanti, Bruno Neves
21-Mar-2020Biomechanics of alloplastic mandible reconstruction using biomaterials: The effect of implant design on stress concentration influences choice of materialPrasadh, Somasundaram; Suresh, Santhosh ; Hong, Kang Lun; Bhargav, Aishwarya; Rosa, Vinicius ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
32020Characterization of Enterococcus faecalis in different culture conditionsKim, M.-A.; Rosa, V. ; Min, K.-S.
41-Jun-2021Characterization, Antimicrobial Effects, and Cytocompatibility of a Root Canal Sealer Produced by Pozzolan Reaction between Calcium Hydroxide and SilicaKim, Mi-Ah; VINICIUS ROSA ; Neelakantan, Prasanna; Hwang, Yun-Chan; Min, Kyung-San
52020Combined effect of melittin and DNase on Enterococcus faecalis biofilms and its susceptibility to sodium hypochloriteRamaraj, S.; Kim, M.-A.; Rosa, V. ; Neelakantan, P.; Shon, W.-J.; Min, K.-S.
6Jan-2020Comparative study of xeno-free induction protocols for neural differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells in vitroMadanagopal, Thulasi Thiruvallur; ALFREDO FRANCO-OBREGON ; VINICIUS ROSA 
72020Effect of a calcium hydroxide-based intracanal medicament containing n-2-methyl pyrrolidone as a vehicle against enterococcus faecalis biofilmKim, T.; Kim, M.-A.; Hwang, Y.-C.; Rosa, V. ; Del Fabbro, M.; Min, K.-S.
82018Enhanced Skin Permeation of Anti-wrinkle Peptides via Molecular ModificationLim, S.H ; Sun, Y ; Madanagopal Thiruvallur, T; Rosa, V ; Kang, L 
92018Erratum: Author Correction: Enhanced Skin Permeation of Anti-wrinkle Peptides via Molecular Modification (Scientific reports (2018) 8 1 (1596))Lim, S.H ; Sun, Y ; Madanagopal, T.T; Rosa, V ; Kang, L 
1021-Oct-2016Fabrication of dentin-like scaffolds through combined 3D printing and bio-mineralisationYang Wu; Danial FB Azmi; Rosa Vinicius ; Amr S Fawzy ; Jerry YH Fuh ; Yoke San Wong ; Wen Feng Lu 
111-Mar-2021Fighting viruses with materials science: Prospects for antivirus surfaces, drug delivery systems and artificial intelligenceVINICIUS ROSA ; DEAN HO ; Sabino-Silva, Robinson; Siqueira, Walter L; Silikas, Nikolaos
121-Jan-2018Functional odontoblastic-like cells derived from human iPSCsHan Xie; Nileshkumar Dubey; SHIM SE NGIE WINSTON ; Chrishan J. A. Ramachandra; Kyung-San Min; CAO TONG ; VINICIUS ROSA 
131-Oct-2021Graphene nanocoating provides superb long-lasting corrosion protection to titanium alloyMalhotra, R ; Han, Y; Nijhuis, CA; Silikas, N; Castro Neto, AH ; Rosa, V 
142017Graphene nanosheets to improve physico-mechanical properties of bioactive calcium silicate cementsDubey, N; Rajan, S.S ; Bello, Y.D; Min, K.-S; Rosa, V 
157-Feb-2018Graphene onto medical grade titanium: an atom-thick multimodal coating that promotes osteoblast maturation and inhibit biofilm formation from distinct speciesNileshkumar Dubey; Kassapa Ellepola ; Fanny Decroix ; Julien Morin ; AH Castro Neto ; Chaminda Seneviratne ; Vinicius Rosa 
161-Aug-2016Graphene oxide-based substrate: physical and surface characterization, cytocompatibility and differentiation potential of dental pulp stem cellsRosa, Vinicius ; Xie, Han; Dubey, Nileshkumar ; Madanagopal, Thulasi T; Rajan, Sneha S ; Morin, Julien Luc Paul ; Islam, Intekhab ; Neto, Antonio Helio Castro 
1728-May-2019Graphene to improve the physicomechanical properties and bioactivity of the cementsVinicius Rosa ; Rodriguez-Lozano, Francisco Javier; Min, Kyung-san
181-Feb-2019Graphene-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation Is Mediated by the Integrin/FAK AxisXie, Han; Cao, Tong ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Rosa, Vinicius 
192015Graphene: A Versatile Carbon-Based Material for Bone Tissue EngineeringDubey N.; Bentini R. ; Islam I. ; Cao T. ; Castro Neto A.H. ; Rosa V. 
20Jul-2016HESC to IPSC: prohibition to controlled permissiveness to ethical panaceaIntekhab, I ; Rosa, V ; Wong, RCW