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1Jan-2020Comparative study of xeno-free induction protocols for neural differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells in vitroMadanagopal, Thulasi Thiruvallur; ALFREDO FRANCO-OBREGON ; VINICIUS ROSA 
22018Enhanced Skin Permeation of Anti-wrinkle Peptides via Molecular ModificationLim, S.H ; Sun, Y ; Madanagopal Thiruvallur, T; Rosa, V ; Kang, L 
32018Erratum: Author Correction: Enhanced Skin Permeation of Anti-wrinkle Peptides via Molecular Modification (Scientific reports (2018) 8 1 (1596))Lim, S.H ; Sun, Y ; Madanagopal, T.T; Rosa, V ; Kang, L 
421-Oct-2016Fabrication of dentin-like scaffolds through combined 3D printing and bio-mineralisationYang Wu; Danial FB Azmi; Rosa Vinicius ; Amr S Fawzy ; Jerry YH Fuh ; Yoke San Wong ; Wen Feng Lu 
51-Jan-2018Functional odontoblastic-like cells derived from human iPSCsHan Xie; Nileshkumar Dubey; SHIM SE NGIE WINSTON ; Chrishan J. A. Ramachandra; Kyung-San Min; CAO TONG ; VINICIUS ROSA 
62017Graphene nanosheets to improve physico-mechanical properties of bioactive calcium silicate cementsDubey, N; Rajan, S.S ; Bello, Y.D; Min, K.-S; Rosa, V 
77-Feb-2018Graphene onto medical grade titanium: an atom-thick multimodal coating that promotes osteoblast maturation and inhibit biofilm formation from distinct speciesNileshkumar Dubey; Kassapa Ellepola ; Fanny Decroix ; Julien Morin ; AH Castro Neto ; Chaminda Seneviratne ; Vinicius Rosa 
828-May-2019Graphene to improve the physicomechanical properties and bioactivity of the cementsVinicius Rosa ; Rodriguez-Lozano, Francisco Javier; Min, Kyung-san
91-Feb-2019Graphene-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation Is Mediated by the Integrin/FAK AxisXie, Han; Cao, Tong ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Rosa, Vinicius 
102015Graphene: A Versatile Carbon-Based Material for Bone Tissue EngineeringDubey N.; Bentini R. ; Islam I. ; Cao T. ; Castro Neto A.H. ; Rosa V. 
1121-Jan-2019Hydrophobicity of graphene as a driving force for inhibiting biofilm formation of pathogenic bacteria and fungiShruti Vidhawan Agarwalla; Kassapa Ellepola; CALDEIRA FERRAZ DA COSTA, MARIANA ; Guilhermino José Macêdo Fechine; MORIN, JULIEN LUC PAUL ; CASTRO NETO,ANTONIO HELIO ; Chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne; VINICIUS ROSA 
122016In Vitro Osteogenic Potential of Green Fluorescent Protein Labelled Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived OsteoprogenitorsIslam I. ; Sriram G. ; Li M.; Zou Y. ; Li L.; Handral H.K.; Rosa V. ; Cao T. 
136-Jan-2020Inhibiting corrosion of biomedical grade Ti-6Al-4V alloys with graphene nanocoatingRitika Malhotra; Yingmei Han; MORIN, JULIEN LUC PAUL ; EMMA KIM LUONG-VAN ; CASTRO NETO,ANTONIO HELIO ; NIJHUIS,CHRISTIAN ALBERTUS ; VINICIUS ROSA 
141-Jun-2020Mechanisms of graphene influence on cell differentiationEMMA KIM LUONG-VAN ; Thulasi Thiruvallur Madanagopal; VINICIUS ROSA 
152015Modulation of Dental Pulp Stem Cell Odontogenesis in a Tunable PEG-Fibrinogen Hydrogel SystemLu Q. ; Pandya M.; Rufaihah A.J. ; Rosa V. ; Tong H.J. ; Seliktar D. ; Toh W.S. 
162016Pluripotency of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth for Tissue EngineeringRosa V. ; Dubey N.; Islam I. ; Min K.-S.; N�r J.E.
172016Reliability, failure probability, and strength of resin-based materials for CAD/CAM restorationsLim, K; Yap, A.U ; Agarwalla, S.V; Tan, K.B ; Rosa, V 
182019Taguchi's methods to optimize the properties and bioactivity of 3D printed polycaprolactone/mineral trioxide aggregate scaffold: Theoretical predictions and experimental validationBhargav, Aishwarya; Min, Kyung San; Wen Feng, Lu ; Fuh, Jerry Ying His ; Rosa, Vinicius 
19Dec-2019Translucency, hardness and strength parameters of PMMA resin containing graphene-like material for CAD/CAM restorationsAgarwalla, Shruti Vidhawan; Malhotra, Ritika; Rosa, Vinicius