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Shijia Hu


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12016Ameloblastoma Phenotypes Reflected in Distinct Transcriptome ProfilesHu, S ; Parker, J; Divaris, K; Padilla, R; Murrah, V; Wright, J.T
219-Feb-2022At what age do children have the motor development to adequately brush their teeth?Chua, Doris Ruyi; Hu, Shijia ; Sim, Yu Fan ; Lim, Wanyi; Lai, Bien Wen Pui ; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling 
31-Jul-2022Combination of Teddy Bear Hospital and Virtual Reality Training increases empathy of medical studentsThng, JZH; Tan, FYY; Aw, MMHY ; Hu, S 
425-Feb-2021Ectopic gut colonization: a metagenomic study of the oral and gut microbiome in Crohn's diseaseHu, Shijia ; Png, Eileen; Gowans, Michelle ; Ong, David EH ; de Sessions, Paola Florez; Song, Jie; Nagarajan, Niranjan 
51-Dec-2019Infant dietary patterns and early childhood caries in a multi-ethnic Asian cohortHu S. ; Sim Y.F. ; Toh J.Y.; Saw S.M. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chong Y.-S. ; Yap F. ; Lee Y.S. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Tan K.H. ; Chong M.F.-F. ; Hsu C.-Y.S. 
61-Jan-2021Minimal intervention dentistry for managing carious lesions into dentine in primary teeth: an umbrella reviewBaniHani, A; Santamaría, RM; Hu, S ; Maden, M; Albadri, S
72-May-2022Oral Microbiome of Crohn's Disease Patients With and Without Oral ManifestationsHu, Shijia ; Mok, John; Gowans, Michelle ; Ong, David EH ; Hartono, Juanda Leo ; Lee, Jonathan Wei Jie 
82020Recommending 1000 ppm fluoride toothpaste for caries prevention in childrenHu, Shijia ; Lai, Wen Pui Bien ; Lim, Wanyi; Yee, Ruixiang
915-Sep-2020Sodium Hypochlorite Treatment Post-Etching Improves the Bond Strength of Resin-Based Sealant to Hypomineralized Enamel by Removing Surface Organic ContentYang, Qiyue Naomi; Rosa, Vinicius; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling; Tan, Hui Xian Melissa; Hu, Shijia 
1012-Aug-2021Teaching pediatric behavior management in student dentists with constructive video feedback from facultyHu, Shijia ; Mok, Betty Yuen Yue ; Tok, Wee Wah ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Hong, Catherine Hsu Ling 
112015Towards unraveling the human tooth transcriptome: The dentomeHu S. ; Parker J.; Wright J.T.
122016Transcriptome variability in keratocystic odontogenic tumor suggests distinct molecular subtypesHu, S ; Divaris, K; Parker, J; Padilla, R; Murrah, V; Wright, J.T