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12020Dental education in singapore: A journey of 90 years and beyondWong, M.L. ; Lee, T.W.O. ; Allen, P.F. ; Foong, K.W.C. 
22019Factors affecting dental service utilisation among older Singaporeans eligible for subsidized dental care - A qualitative studyMittal, R. ; Wong, M.L. ; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Ong, D.L.S.; Lee, Y.H. ; Tan, M.N. ; Allen, P.F. 
32018Keystone species in pregnancy gingivitis: A snapshot of oral microbiome during pregnancy and postpartum periodBalan P.; Chong Y.S. ; Umashankar S. ; Swarup S. ; Loke W.M. ; Lopez V. ; He H.G. ; Seneviratne C.J. 
41-May-2019Managing tooth pain in general practiceKoh, Sky Wei Chee; Li, Chun Fai; LOH SER PHENG JOHN ; WONG MUN LOKE ; LOH WENG KEONG VICTOR 
51-Sep-2018Oral Health in Pregnant Chinese Women in Singapore: A Call to Go beyond the Traditional Clinical CareBalan, Preethi; He, Hong-Gu ; Cao, Fengchunzhi; Wong, Mun Loke ; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Lopez, Violeta ; Soh, Shu-E ; Seneviratne, Chaminda Jayampath 
626-Apr-2021Salivary proteomic profiling identifies role of neutrophil extracellular traps formation in pregnancy gingivitisPreethi Balan; Yap Seng Chong ; Qingsong Lin ; Teck Kwang Lim ; Tanujaa Suriyanarayanan ; Nadeeka Shiyamalee Udawatte; Mun Loke Wong ; Violeta Lopez ; Hong-Gu He ; Chaminda Jayampath Seneviratne 
71-Oct-2018Understanding patients' and dentists' perspectives in dental trauma management: A mixed-methods studyOde, Wataru ; Lopez, Violeta ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Schou, Lone ; Yu, Victoria Soo Hoon 
823-Nov-2021When e-Learning takes centre stage amid COVID-19: Dental educators' perspectives and their future impacts.Goh, Charlene Enhui ; Lim, Li Zhen ; Müller, Andre Matthias ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Gao, Xiaoli 
91-Aug-2022Willingness to Pay for Preventive Dental Care Amongst Older AdultsMittal, R ; Loke, WM ; Seng, DOL ; Na, TM ; Yan, GLK ; Allen, PF