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Soo Hoon, Victoria Yu
Yu Soo Hoon Victoria
Yu, V.S.H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2021Aerosol-generating dental procedures: a reappraisal of analysis methods and infection control measuresTan Kai Soo ; CHEW REN JIE, JACOB (ZHOU RENJIE) ; Allen Patrick Finbarr ; Soo Hoon, Victoria Yu 
219-Sep-2019Antibiotics Used in Regenerative Endodontics Modify Immune Response of Macrophages to Bacterial InfectionEn En Tan; Samantha Yiling Quah ; Gunnar Bergenholtz ; Vinicius Rosa ; Victoria Soo Hoon Yu ; Kai Soo Tan 
32012Incidence and Impact of Painful Exacerbations in a Cohort with Post-treatment Persistent Endodontic LesionsYu, V.S.H. ; Messer, H.H.; Yee, R. ; Shen, L.
42012Lesion progression in post-treatment persistent endodontic lesionsYu, V.S.H. ; Messer, H.H.; Shen, L.; Yee, R. ; Hsu, C.-Y.S. 
52015Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor as an antimicrobial agent to eradicate Enterococcus faecalis biofilmTay Chiew Xsia; Quah Yiling Samantha; Lui Jeen Nee; Yu Soo Hoon Victoria ; TAN KAI SOO 
62011Multiple idiopathic cervical resorption: Case report and discussion of management optionsYu, V.S.H. ; Messer, H.H.; Tan, K.B. 
722-Oct-2020Postobturation Pain Associated with Tricalcium Silicate and Resin-based Sealer Techniques: A Randomized Clinical TrialSoo Hoon, Victoria Yu 
82024Specimen Shape and Elution Time Affect the Mineralization and Differentiation Potential of Dental Pulp Stem Cells to BiodentinePhang, Valene; Malhotra, Ritika ; Chen, Nah Nah ; Min, Kyung-San; Yu, Victoria Soo Hoon ; Rosa, Vinicius ; Dubey, Nileshkumar 
92013Terminology of endodontic outcomesMesser, H.H.; Yu, V.S.H. 
101-Oct-2018Understanding patients' and dentists' perspectives in dental trauma management: A mixed-methods studyOde, Wataru ; Lopez, Violeta ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Schou, Lone ; Yu, Victoria Soo Hoon