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Allen Patrick Finbarr


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12012A survey of oral health in a Sudanese populationKhalifa N.; Allen P.F. ; Abu-bakr N.H.; Abdel-Rahman M.E.; Abdelghafar K.O.
2Nov-2021Aerosol-generating dental procedures: a reappraisal of analysis methods and infection control measuresTan Kai Soo ; CHEW REN JIE, JACOB (ZHOU RENJIE) ; Allen Patrick Finbarr ; Soo Hoon, Victoria Yu 
32003Assessment of oral health related quality of lifeAllen P.F. 
44-May-2020CHI study: Protocol for an observational cohort study on ageing and mental health in community-dwelling older adultsRACHAEL LEE ZHI YI ; YU JUNHONG ; Rawtaer, I; ALLEN PATRICK FINBARR ; Bao Zhiming ; Feng Lei ; QIUSHI FENG ; Lee, JK; LIM CHIN TAT ; Ling, LH; Thang, LL; Naing, T; Wang, DY; Yap, KZ; Kua, EH; Mahendran, R
54-Feb-2021Correlation between microbial host factors and caries among older adultsMittal, Rakhi ; Tan, Kai Soo ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Allen, Patrick Finbarr 
62020Dental education in singapore: A journey of 90 years and beyondWong, M.L. ; Lee, T.W.O. ; Allen, P.F. ; Foong, K.W.C. 
72019Factors affecting dental service utilisation among older Singaporeans eligible for subsidized dental care - A qualitative studyMittal, R. ; Wong, M.L. ; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Ong, D.L.S.; Lee, Y.H. ; Tan, M.N. ; Allen, P.F. 
81-Jan-2023Functional Dentition, Chronic Periodontal Disease and Frailty in Older Adults-A Narrative ReviewYan, Gabriel Lee Keng ; Tan, Mei Na ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Tay, Chong Meng ; Allen, Patrick Finbarr 
92018Impact of oral rehabilitation on the quality of life of partially dentate elders in a randomized controlled clinical trial: 2 year follow-upMcKenna G.; Allen P.F. ; Hayes M.; DaMata C.; Moore C.; Cronin M.
102017Knowledge of caries risk factors/indicators among Japanese and Irish adult patients with different socio-economic profiles: A cross-sectional studyNishi, M; Harding, M; Kelleher, V; Whelton, H; Allen, F 
1111-May-2022The relationship between self-efficacy and oral health status of older adultsAllen, Finbarr ; Fan, Sim Yu ; Loke, Wong Mun ; Na, Tan Mei ; Yan, Gabriel Lee Keng ; Mittal, Rakhi 
12Dec-2022Theory-derived intervention to improve oral health of older adults: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialGao, Xiaoli ; Wong, Mun Loke ; Kalhan, Ashish Chetan ; Xie, Joshua Jiaming; Siti Hajar, Hamzah; Yeo, Alvin Boon Keng ; Allen, Patrick Finbarr 
132010Tooth loss and oral health-related quality of life: A systematic review and meta-analysisGerritsen A.E.; Allen P.F. ; Witter D.J.; Bronkhorst E.M.; Creugers N.H.J.
1422-Sep-2020Tooth replacement options for partially dentate older adults A survival analysisSayaka Tada ; Gerald McKenna; Conor McLister; Cristiane DaMata; Martina Hayes; Michael Cronin; Ciaran Moore; Allen Patrick Finbarr 
151-Aug-2022Willingness to Pay for Preventive Dental Care Amongst Older AdultsMittal, R ; Loke, WM ; Seng, DOL ; Na, TM ; Yan, GLK ; Allen, PF