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Tan, K.S.
Tan, K.S.
Kai, S.T.


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1Feb-2014Fusobacterium nucleatum activates the immune response through retinoic acid-inducible gene iLee, P.; Tan, K.S. 
22014Fusobacterium nucleatum induces cytokine production through Toll-like-receptor-independent mechanismQuah, S.Y.; Bergenholtz, G.; Tan, K.S. 
31-Jun-2012Glutathione deficiency in type 2 diabetes impairs cytokine responses and control of intracellular bacteriaTan, K.S. ; Lee, K.O.; Low, K.C.; Gamage, A.M.; Liu, Y.; Tan, G.-Y.G.; Koh, H.Q.V.; Alonso, S.; Gan, Y.-H. 
42017Himar1 transposon for efficient random mutagenesis in Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitansDing, Q; Tan, K.S 
5Sep-2013Human embryonic stem cells derived keratinocyte as an in vitro research model for the study of immune responseKidwai, F.K.; Jokhun, D.S.; Movahednia, M.M.; Yeo, J.F. ; Tan, K.S. ; Cao, T. 
62016Innate immune response of human embryonic stem cell-derived fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells to periodontopathogensSriram G. ; NATU VAISHALI PRAKASH ; Islam I. ; Fu X.; Seneviratne C.J. ; Tan K.S. ; Cao T. 
72005Introns in the cytolethal distending toxin gene of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitansKai, S.T. ; Keang, P.S. ; Ong, G. 
82020Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 and ATCC PTA 5289 ameliorates chemotherapy-induced oral mucositisGupta, N.; Ferreira, J. ; Hong, C.H.L. ; Tan, K.S. 
92015Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor as an antimicrobial agent to eradicate Enterococcus faecalis biofilmTay Chiew Xsia; Quah Yiling Samantha; Lui Jeen Nee; Yu Soo Hoon Victoria ; TAN KAI SOO 
1015-Jul-2007Microglia-mediated neurotoxicity is inhibited by morphine through an opioid receptor-independent reduction of NADPH oxidase activityQian, L.; Kai, S.T. ; Wei, S.-J.; Wu, H.-M.; Xu, Z.; Wilson, B.; Lu, R.-B.; Hong, J.-S.; Flood, P.M.
11Jan-2012N-acetylcysteine inhibits growth and eradicates biofilm of enterococcus faecalisQuah, S.Y.; Wu, S.; Lui, J.N.; Sum, C.P.; Tan, K.S. 
122020Pterostilbene complexed with cyclodextrin exerts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effectsLim, Y.R.I.; Preshaw, P.M. ; Lim, L.P. ; Ong, M.M.A.; Lin, H.-S. ; Tan, K.S. 
131-May-2010Suppression of host innate immune response by Burkholderia pseudomallei through the virulence factor TssMTan, K.S. ; Chen, Y.; Lim, Y.-C.; Tan, G.-Y.G.; Liu, Y.; Lim, Y.-T.; MacAry, P.; Gan, Y.-H. 
142016The danger signal extracellular ATP is an inducer of Fusobacterium nucleatum biofilm dispersalDing, Q; Tan, K.S