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Lim Lum Peng
Lim, L.P.
Peng, L.L.


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11-Jul-2021Adjunctive probiotics after periodontal debridement versus placebo: A systematic review and meta-analysisEthan Ng; John Tay; SE Saffari ; Lum Peng Lim ; Kong Mun Chung ; Marianne Ong
22014Aminoguanidine inhibits the AGE-RAGE axis to modulate the induction of periodontitis but has limited effects on the progression and recovery of experimental periodontitis: A preliminary studyChang, P.-C.; Chong, L.Y.; Tsai, S.-C.; Lim, L.P. 
32019An overview of different interdental cleaning AIDS and their effiectivenessNg, E.; Lim, L.P. 
42007Assessment criteria for compliance with oral hygiene: application of ROC analysis.Htoon, H.M.; Peng, L.L. ; Huak, C.Y.
51999Challenges and relevance of problem-based learning in dental education.Lim, L.P. ; Chen, A.Y.
61994Chinese health beliefs and oral health practices among the middle-aged and the elderly in Hong Kong.Lim, L.P. ; Schwarz, E.; Lo, E.C.
72001Dental trauma management awareness of Singapore pre-school teachersSae-Lim, V. ; Lim, L.P. 
82006Diabetes as a risk factor for periodontal disease: Current status and future considerationsTan, W.C.; Tay, F.B.K.; Lim, L.P. 
9Dec-2013Dual delivery of PDGF and simvastatin to accelerate periodontal regeneration invivoChang, P.-C.; Dovban, A.S.; Lim, L.P. ; Chong, L.Y.; Kuo, M.Y.; Wang, C.-H. 
102012Interrelationships of periodontitis and diabetes: A review of the current literatureChang, P.-C. ; Lim, L.P. 
112006Management of retrograde peri-implantitis: a clinical case report.Ataullah, K. ; Chee, L.F.; Peng, L.L. ; Lung, H.H.
121999Patient and parental awareness of the importance of immediate management of traumatised teethSae-Lim, V. ; Chulaluk, K.; Lim, L.P. 
13Jun-2012PDGF-simvastatin delivery stimulates osteogenesis in heat-induced osteonecrosisChang, P.-C. ; Lim, L.P. ; Chong, L.Y.; Dovban, A.S.M.; Chien, L.-Y.; Chung, M.-C.; Lei, C.; Kao, M.-J.; Chen, C.-H.; Chiang, H.-C.; Kuo, Y.-P.; Wang, C.-H. 
142005Periodontal disease - The emergence of a risk for systemic conditions: Pre-term low birth weightYeo, B.K.; Lim, L.P. ; Paquette, D.W.; Williams, R.C.
152000Periodontal health of Singapore school children over two decades from 1970 to 1994.Lam, L.G.; Bagramian, R.A.; Peng, L.L. 
162020Pterostilbene complexed with cyclodextrin exerts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effectsLim, Y.R.I.; Preshaw, P.M. ; Lim, L.P. ; Ong, M.M.A.; Lin, H.-S. ; Tan, K.S. 
172007Relationship between markers of metabolic control and inflammation on severity of periodontal disease in patients with diabetes mellitusLim, L.P. ; Tay, F.B.K.; Sum, C.F.; Thai, A.C. 
181-Jan-2014Sequential platelet-derived growth factor-simvastatin release promotes dentoalveolar regenerationChang, P.-C. ; Chong, L.Y.; Dovban, A.S.M.; Lim, L.P. ; Lim, J.C.; Kuo, M.Y.-P.; Wang, C.-H. 
192004Stressful life events of dental students and salivary immunoglobulin A.Ng, V. ; Koh, D. ; Mok, B.; Lim, L.P. ; Yang, Y.; Chia, S.E. 
202000Survey of dental fees charged by dentists in Singapore.Lee, K.J.; Lim, L.P. ; Karunakaran, A.