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Sim Tiow Suan
Tiow-Suan, S.
Sim, T.-W.
Sim, T.S.
Sim, T.-S.
Suan, S.T..


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12004A Complete Library of Amino Acid Alterations at N304 in Streptomyces clavuligerus Deacetoxycephalosporin C Synthase Elucidates the Basis for Enhanced Penicillin Analogue ConversionChin, H.S. ; Goo, K.S.; Sim, T.S. 
22008A complete library of amino acid alterations at R306 in Streptomyces clavuligerus deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase demonstrates its structural role in the ring-expansion activityKian, S.G.; Chun, S.C.; Sim, T.-S. 
32006A relevant in vitro eukaryotic live-cell system for the evaluation of plasmodial protein localizationChan, M. ; Tan, D.S.H. ; Wong, S.-H. ; Sim, T.-S. 
411-Mar-1999Amino acid substitutions affecting protein solubility: High level expression of Streptomyces clavuligerus isopenicillin N synthase in Escherichia coliSim, J.; Sim, T.-S. 
51996Ammonia removal from aquaculture water by means of fluidised technologyNg, W.J. ; Kho, K.; Ong, S.L. ; Sim, T.S. ; Ho, J.M.
61998Analysis of a conserved arginine R281L in catalysis in Cephalosporium acremonium isopenicillin N synthaseLoke, P. ; Sim, T.-S. 
72009Atypical caseinolytic protease homolog from Plasmodium falciparum possesses unusual substrate preference and a functional nuclear localization signalLin, W. ; Chan, M. ; Sim, T.-S. 
82005Characterization of amino acid variation at strategic positions in parasite and human proteases for selective inhibition of falcipains in Plasmodium falciparumLiuh, L.G.; Sim, T.S. 
92010Characterization of Plasmodium falciparum co-chaperone p23: Its intrinsic chaperone activity and interaction with Hsp90Chua, C.-S.; Low, H.; Goo, K.-S. ; Sim, T.S. 
102001Cloning and sequence characterisation of falcipain-2 from Plasmodium falciparum Gombak A strain (Malaysia)Sim, T.-S. ; Loke, P. ; Singh, M. ; Lee, M.; Flotow, H.
112001Cloning, heterologous expression and purification of an isocitrate lyase from Streptomyces clavuligerus NRRL 3585Soh, B.S.; Loke, P. ; Sim, T.-S. 
121995Coliphages as a rapid indicator of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treatment performanceSim, T.S. ; Ng, W.J. ; Ong, S.L.. ; Ng, K.Y.; Ramasamay, M.; Tan, K.N.
132003Conserved structural modules and bonding networks in isopenicillin N synthase related non-haem iron-dependent oxygenases and oxidasesSim, J.; Wong, E.; Chin, H.S.; Sim, T.S. 
142001Construction of Streptomyces jumonjinensis isopenicillin N synthase double mutants, Ser119Ala/Glu120Gly and Thr308Ala/Thr309Val, overcomes insoluble expression in Escherichia coliWong, E.; Sim, J.; Sim, T.-S. 
152005Cysteine protease falcipain 1 in Plasmodium falciparum is biochemically distinct from its isozymesGoh, S.L.; Goh, L.L.; Sim, T.S. 
162003Deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase isozymes exhibit diverse catalytic activity and substrate specificityChin, H.S.; Sim, J.; Seah, K.I.; Sim, T.S. 
172005Differences in biochemical properties of the Plasmodial falcipain-2 and berghepain-2 orthologues: Implications for in vivo screens of inhibitorsChan, C.; Goh, L.L.; Sim, T.-S. 
182009Directed evolution and rational approaches to improving Streptomyces clavuligerus deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase for cephalosporin productionGoo, K.-S. ; Chua, C.-S.; Sim, T.-S. 
192008Elucidation of active site residues of Arabidopsis thaliana flavonol synthase provides a molecular platform for engineering flavonolsChua, C.S.; Biermann, D.; Goo, K.S. ; Sim, T.-S. 
202005Endorsing functionality of Burkholderia pseudomallei glyoxylate cycle genes as anti-persistence drug screensLye, Y.M.; Chan, M. ; Sim, T.-S.