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Andre Matthias Mueller
Müller, A. M.

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11-Jan-2016Aging in multi-ethnic MalaysiaTey, Nai Peng; Siraj, Saedah Binti; Kamaruzzaman, Shahrul Bahyah Binti; Chin, Ai Vyrn; Tan, Maw Pin; Sinnappan, Glaret Shirley; Andre Matthias Mueller 
216-May-2018Apps and wearables for monitoring physical activity and sedentary behaviour: A qualitative systematic review protocol on barriers and facilitatorsLaura J Wilde; Gillian Ward; Louise Sewell; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Petra A Wark
312-Dec-2016Behavioural mHealth in developing countries: what about culture?Andre Matthias Mueller 
42019Correlates of sedentary behaviour in Asian adults: A systematic reviewMueller, Andre Matthias ; Chen, Bozhi; Wang, Nan Xin ; Whitton, Clare ; Direito, Artur ; Petrunoff, Nick ; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
523-Dec-2020Covid-19 Emergency eLearning and beyond: Experiences and Perspectives of University EducatorsMüller, Andre Matthias ; Goh, Charlene ; Lim, Li Zhen ; Gao, Xiaoli 
6Oct-2014CREATE workshop 2014 : Leveraging mobile technology and social media in behavioral researchMarijn Stok; Laura Koenig; Johanna Nurmi; Andre Matthias Mueller 
71-Mar-2019Dependency on the TYK2/STAT1/MCL1 axis in anaplastic large cell lymphomaPrutsch, N; Gurnhofer, E; Suske, T; Liang, HC; Schlederer, M; Roos, S; Wu, LC; Simonitsch-Klupp, I; Alvarez-Hernandez, A; Kornauth, C; Leone, DA; Svinka, J; Eferl, R; Limberger, T; Aufinger, A; Shirsath, N; Wolf, P; Hielscher, T; Aberger, F; Schmoellerl, J; Stoiber, D; Strobl, B; Jager, U; Staber, PB; Grebien, F; Moriggl, R; Muller, M ; Inghirami, GG; Sanda, T ; Look, AT; Turner, SD; Kenner, L; Merkel, O
821-Jun-2022Evaluation of a Population-Wide Mobile Health Physical Activity Program in 696 907 Adults in SingaporeYao, Jiali ; Lim, Nicole ; Tan, Jeremy; Muller, Andre Matthias ; van Dam, Rob Martinus ; Chen, Cynthia ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Muller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
912-Apr-2018Exploring cancer survivors' views of health behavior change': "Where do you start, where do you stop with everything?"Corbett, Teresa; Cheetham, Tara; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Slodkowska-Barabasz, Joanna; Wilde, Laura; Krusche, Adele; Richardson, Alison; Foster, Claire; Watson, Eila; Little, Paul; Yardley, Lucy; Bradbury, Katherine
102-Oct-2019Heart Rate Measures From Wrist-Worn Activity Trackers in a Laboratory and Free-Living Setting: Validation StudyMueller, Andre Matthias ; Wang, Nan Xin ; Yao, Jiali; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Low, Ivan Cherh Chiet ; Lim, Nicole; Tan, Jeremy; Tan, Agnes; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk 
111-Mar-2016Interdisciplinary, child-centred collaboration could increase the success of potentially successful Internet-based physical activity interventionsAndre Matthias Mueller ; Khoo, Selina
1216-Nov-2018Measuring Engagement in eHealth and mHealth Behavior Change Interventions: Viewpoint of MethodologiesShort, Camille E; DeSmet, Ann; Woods, Catherine; Williams, Susan L; Maher, Carol; Middelweerd, Anouk; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Wark, Petra A; Vandelanotte, Corneel; Poppe, Louise; Hingle, Melanie D; Crutzen, Rik
1328-May-2021mHealth Interventions to Address Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Cancer Survivors: A Systematic ReviewKhoo, Selina; Mohbin, Najihah; Ansari, Payam; Al-Kitani, Mahfoodha; Mueller, Andre Matthias 
141-Mar-2016Past, Present, and Future of eHealth and mHealth Research to Improve Physical Activity and Dietary BehaviorsVandelanotte, Corneel; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Short, Camille E; Hingle, Melanie; Nathan, Nicole; Williams, Susan L; Lopez, Michael L; Parekh, Sanjoti; Maher, Carol A
151-Jul-2016Physical activity and aging research: A Bibliometric analysisAndre Matthias Mueller ; Ansari, Payam; Ebrahim, Nader Ale; Khoo, Selina
1618-Apr-2018Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Diet-Related eHealth and mHealth Research: Bibliometric AnalysisAndre Matthias Mueller ; Maher, Carol A; Vandelanotte, Corneel; Hingle, Melanie; Middelweerd, Anouk; Lopez, Michael L; DeSmet, Ann; Short, Camille E; Nathan, Nicole; Hutchesson, Melinda J; Poppe, Louise; Woods, Catherine B; Williams, Susan L; Wark, Petra A
17Dec-2021Planning and optimising a digital intervention to protect older adults’ cognitive healthEssery, Rosie; Pollet, Sebastien; Smith, Kirsten A; Mowbray, Fiona; Slodkowska-Barabasz, Joanna; Denison-Day, James; Hayter, Victoria; Bradbury, Katherine; Grey, Elisabeth; Western, Max J; Milton, Alexander; Hunter, Cheryl; Ferrey, Anne E; Mueller, Andre Matthias ; Stuart, Beth; Mutrie, Nanette; Griffin, Simon; Kendrick, Tony; Brooker, Helen; Gudgin, Bernard; Phillips, Rosemary; Stokes, Tom; Niven, John; Little, Paul; Yardley, Lucy
182020Reducing sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity in the workplace: Protocol for a review of systematic reviewsDieterich, A.V.; Müller, A.M. ; Akksilp, K.; Sarin, K.C.; Dabak, S.V.; Rouyard, T.
191-Mar-2019Renewed: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a digital intervention to support quality of life in cancer survivorsKrusche, Adele; Bradbury, Katherine; Corbett, Teresa; Barnett, Jane; Stuart, Beth; Yao, Guiqing Lily; Bacon, Roger; Böhning, Dankmar; Cheetham-Blake, Tara; Eccles, Diana; Foster, Claire; Geraghty, Adam William Alfred; Leydon, Geraldine; Andre Matthias Mueller ; Neal, Richard D; Osborne, Richard; Rathod, Shanaya; Richardson, Alison; Sharman, Geoffrey; Summers, Kevin; Watson, Eila; Wilde, Laura; Wilkinson, Clare; Yardley, Lucy; Little, Paul
201-Jan-2023Results from the Singapore 2022 report card on physical activity for children and adolescentsTay, Z ; Chen, B ; Kui, KY; Padmapriya, N ; Chong, MFF ; Matthias, AM ; Lee, EL; Troy, E; Müller-Riemenschneider, F