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11-Oct-2023Accuracy of the American Association of Endodontists diagnostic criteria for assessing pulp health in primary teethDhillon, Ishreen Kaur ; Hong, Catherine Hsu-Ling ; Hu, Shijia ; Sim, Yu Fan ; Goh, Benny Kwee Chien ; Duggal, Mandeep Singh ; Sriram, Gopu 
219-Apr-2022CELL-BASED THERAPY FOR TOOTH REPLANTATION FOLLOWING AVULSION: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEWChew Ren Jie Jacob ; Bing Liang Tan; Lu Xiaotong Jacinta ; Tong Huei Jinn ; Mandeep Singh Duggal 
32017Interventions for the endodontic management of non-vital traumatised immature permanent anterior teeth in children and adolescents: a systematic review of the evidence and guidelines of the European Academy of Paediatric DentistryDuggal, M ; Tong, H.J ; Al-Ansary, M; Twati, W; Day, P.F; Nazzal, H
419-Jul-2018Orthodontic Management of a Non-Vital Immature Tooth Treated with Regenerative Endodontics: A Case Report.Zynab Jawad; Claire Bates; Mandeep Duggal ; Hani Nazzal
524-Mar-2023Tooth autotransplantation with 3D-printed replicas as part of interdisciplinary management of children and adolescents: Two case reportsDhillon, Ishreen Kaur ; Khor, Melissa Mei-Yi; Tan, Bing Liang; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Duggal, Mandeep Singh ; Soh, Shean Han ; Lu, Wilson Weixun 
613-Jun-2021Utilising Computer Simulation, 3 D Printed Teeth and Surgical Stent to Improve Premolar Autotransplantation Success in a Child with HypodontiaTan, Bing Liang; Tong, Huei Jinn ; Wong, Raymond ; Weixun, Wilson Lu ; Singh, Duggal Monty