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11-Jan-2018Alloplastic reconstruction of the mandible—Where are we now?Wong, RCW ; Loh, JSP ; Islam, I 
26-Aug-2021Benefits and Biosafety of Use of 3D-Printing Technology for Titanium Biomedical Implants: A Pilot Study in the Rabbit ModelNg, Sabrina Livia; Das, Subhabrata ; Ting, Yen-Peng ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Chanchareonsook, Nattharee 
31-Jul-2021Biocompatibility of Metal Matrix Composites Used for Biomedical Applications.Wong, Chung Wen Raymond ; Suresh, santhosh ; Prasadh, somasundaram; ratheesh, vaishnavi; gupta, manoj 
41-Mar-2020Biomechanics of alloplastic mandible reconstruction using biomaterials: The effect of implant design on stress concentration influences choice of materialPrasadh, Somasundaram; Suresh, Santhosh ; Hong, Kang Lun; Bhargav, Aishwarya; Rosa, Vinicius ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
511-Mar-2020Bioresorbable Nano-Hydroxyapatite Reinforced Magnesium Alloplastic Bone Substitute for Biomedical Applications: A StudyRaymond Wong Chung Wen ; Prasadh, Somasundaram; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Srivatsan, TS; Gupta, Manoj 
61-Jun-2017Changes in bite force after orthognathic surgical correction of mandibular prognathism: a systematic reviewIslam, I ; Lim, AAT ; Wong, RCW 
721-Jan-2022Compositional Tailoring of Mg–2Zn–1Ca Alloy Using Manganese to Enhance Compression Response and In-Vitro DegradationPrasadh, Somasundaram; Parande, Gururaj ; Gupta, Manoj ; Wong, Raymond 
8Jan-2017Cone beam computed tomographic evaluation of the maxillary sinus septa and location of blood vessels at the lateral maxillary sinus wall in a sample of the Singaporean populationHong, Kang Lun; Wong, Raymond CW ; Lim, Asher AT ; Loh, Fun Chee ; Yeo, Jin Fei ; Islam, Intekhab 
91-Feb-2021Development of rare-earth oxide reinforced magnesium nanocomposites for orthopaedic applications: A mechanical/immersion/biocompatibility perspectiveKujur, Milli Suchita; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Prasadh, Somasundaram; Wong, Raymond ; Mallick, Ashis ; Gupta, Manoj 
101-Mar-2021Effect of samarium oxide nanoparticles on degradation and invitro biocompatibility of magnesiumKujur, Milli Suchita; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Prasadh, Somasundaram; Wong, Raymond ; Mallick, Ashis ; Gupta, Manoj 
11Jul-2016HESC to IPSC: prohibition to controlled permissiveness to ethical panaceaIntekhab, I ; Rosa, V ; Wong, RCW 
1217-Nov-2020Hollow silica reinforced magnesium nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical and biological properties with computational modeling analysis for mandibular reconstructionPrasadh, Somasundaram; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Gupta, Manoj 
13Jun-2020Impact of biomaterial mechanics on cellular and molecular responsesRaymond Wong Chung Wen ; Prasadh, Somasundaram; Ratheesh, Vaishnavi
141-Jul-2020Intracranial extension of Lemierre’s syndrome from odontogenic cause: A review and case reportShi, Hongyi Adrian; Wong, Chung Wen Raymond 
159-Jul-2019Juxta-articular tumoral calcinosis associated with the temporomandibular joint: a case report and concise reviewSha, Yang; Hong, Kanglun ; Liew, Melvin Kang Ming ; Lum, Jing Li ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
16Nov-2021Mechanical properties and in vitro cytocompatibility of dense and porous Ti–6Al–4V ELI manufactured by selective laser melting technology for biomedical applicationsSANTHOSH SURESH ; Sun, Chen-Nan; Tekumalla, Sravya; VINICIUS ROSA ; Ling Nai, Sharon Mui; RAYMOND WONG CHUNG WEN 
171-Jul-2019Medical emergencies in Dentistry: Practical tips in ImplementationWeng, Yong Chee ; Wong, Raymond CW 
1823-Aug-2016Multiple Myeloma: Concise Review of the Literature and A Case Report of Mandibular InvolvementK, Hong ; A, Lim ; R, Wong ; EH, Chan; I, Islam 
192018Osteogenic potential of graphene in bone tissue engineering scaffoldsPrasadh S.; Suresh, S ; Wong R. 
201-Mar-2020Strength retention, corrosion control and biocompatibility of Mg-Zn-Si/HA nanocompositesParande, Gururaj ; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Prasadh, Somasundaram; Chauhan, Deep; Rahate, Sarthak; Wong, Raymond ; Gupta, Manoj