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Chung Wen Raymond Wong

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417-Mar-2019The Potential of Magnesium Based Materials in Mandibular ReconstructionPrasadh, Somasundaram; Ratheesh, Vaishnavi; Manakari, Vyasaraj; Parande, Gururaj ; Gupta, Manoj ; Wong, Raymond 
42Aug-2022The Provision of Dental Care to COVID-19 Survivors: A Concise ReviewNgeow, Wei Cheong; Tang, Liszen; Ho, Jan Yang; Tay, Hui Wen; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Ahmad, Mas Suryalis; Marla, Vinay; Sekar, Karthick
43-The role of Finite Element Analysis in studying Potential Failure of Mandibular Reconstruction MethodsWong, RCW ; Loh, JSP ; Intekhab, I 
441-Apr-2022Titanium versus magnesium plates for unilateral mandibular angle fracture fixation: biomechanical evaluation using 3-dimensional finite element analysisPrasadh, Somasundaram; Krishnan, Anirudh Venkatraman ; Lim, CYH ; Gupta, Manoj ; Wong, Raymond 
4524-Mar-2023Tooth autotransplantation with 3D-printed replicas as part of interdisciplinary management of children and adolescents: Two case reportsDhillon, Ishreen Kaur ; Khor, Melissa Mei-Yi; Tan, Bing Liang; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Duggal, Mandeep Singh ; Soh, Shean Han ; Lu, Wilson Weixun 
461-Jul-2018Unraveling the mechanical strength of biomaterials used as a bone scaffold in oral and maxillofacial defectsPrasadh, S; Wong, RCW 
4713-Jun-2021Utilising Computer Simulation, 3 D Printed Teeth and Surgical Stent to Improve Premolar Autotransplantation Success in a Child with HypodontiaTan, Bing Liang; Tong, Huei Jinn ; Wong, Raymond ; Weixun, Wilson Lu ; Singh, Duggal Monty 
481-Jan-2022The virtual patient model for correction of facial deformity and accuracy of simulation and surgical guide constructionWong, RCW ; Yong, CW ; Chen, MWJ ; Sng, TJH ; Tan, KH; Lim, R