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Peng, T.Y.
Ting, Y.-P.
Ting, Yen Peng
Ting, Y.P.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A review of the application of ultrasound in bioleaching and insights from sonication in (bio)chemical processesVyas, S; Ting, Y.-P 
21-Sep-2013Adhesion of B. subtilis spores and vegetative cells onto stainless steel - DLVO theories and AFM spectroscopyHarimawan, A.; Zhong, S. ; Lim, C.-T. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
32000Advanced primary treatment of waste water using a bio-flocculation-adsorption sedimentation processZhao, W.; Ting, Y.P. ; Chen, J.P. ; Xing, C.H. ; Shi, S.Q.
41999An evaluation of equilibrium and kinetic models for gold biosorptionTing, Y.-P. ; Mittal, A.K. 
54-May-2010Antibacterial inorganic-organic hybrid coatings on stainless steel via consecutive surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for biocorrosion preventionYuan, S.J. ; Pehkonen, S.O.; Ting, Y.P. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Kang, E.T. 
61-Dec-2011Bacteria attachment to surfaces - AFM force spectroscopy and physicochemical analysesHarimawan, A.; Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
72008Biocorrosion behavior of titanium oxide/butoxide-coated stainless steelYuan, S.J. ; Xu, F.J. ; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Ting, Y.P. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
816-Jul-2008Biocorrosion of AISI 304 stainless steel by desulfo vibrio desulfuricans in seawaterNguyen, T.M.P.; Sheng, X.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
9Aug-2012Biocorrosion of stainless steel 316 in seawater: Inhibition using an azole type derivativeSheng, X.; Pehkonen, S.O.; Ting, Y.-P. 
102005Biodegradation of phenanthrene by the indigenous microbial biomass in a zinc amended soilWong, K.W.; Toh, B.A.; Ting, Y.P. ; Obbard, J.P. 
1116-Mar-2005Bioleaching of spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst using Aspergillus nigerAung, K.M.M.; Ting, Y.-P. 
12Feb-2013Bioleaching of spent hydrotreating catalyst by acidophilic thermophile Acidianus brierleyi: Leaching mechanism and effect of decokingBharadwaj, A.; Ting, Y.-P. 
132013Bioleaching of spent hydrotreating catalyst by thermophilic and mesophilic acidophiles: Effect of decokingBharadwaj, A.; Ting, Y.P. 
1416-Mar-2005Bioleaching of spent refinery processing catalyst using Aspergillus niger with high-yield oxalic acidSanthiya, D.; Ting, Y.-P. 
15Oct-2010Biomethanation of solid wastes: Analysis of case studiesKumar, R.S.A.; Ting, Y.P. 
161999Bioremediation of oil contaminated beach sediments using indigenous microorganisms in SingaporeMathew, M.; Obbard, J.P. ; Ting, Y.P. ; Gin, Y.H. ; Tan, H.M. 
171999Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil microcosmsTing, Y.P. ; Hu, H.L.; Tan, H.M. 
181-Mar-2008Biosorption of copper by immobilized marine algal biomassSheng, P.X.; Wee, K.H. ; Ting, Y.P. ; Chen, J.P. 
192001Biosorption of gold by immobilized fungal biomassKhoo, K.-M.; Ting, Y.-P. 
2011-Apr-2007Biosorption of heavy metal ions (Pb, Cu, and Cd) from aqueous solutions by the Marine Alga Sargassum sp. in single- And multiple-metal systemsSheng, P.X.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Chen, J.P.