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Rajasekar, A.
Rajasekar A
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2012Airborne bacteria, fungi, and endotoxin levels in residential microenvironments: A case studyBalasubramanian, R. ; Nainar, P.; Rajasekar, A. 
2Oct-2011Assessment of airborne bacteria and fungi in food courtsRajasekar, A. ; Balasubramanian, R. 
31-Dec-2011Bacteria attachment to surfaces - AFM force spectroscopy and physicochemical analysesHarimawan, A.; Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
42015Bio-oxidation and biocyanidation of refractory mineral ores for gold extraction: A reviewKarthikeyan O.P ; Rajasekar A ; Balasubramanian R 
52012Bioleaching of copper from black shale ore using mesophilic mixed populations in an air up-lift bioreactorSethurajan, M.; Aruliah, R. ; Karthikeyan, O.P.; Balasubramanian, R. 
6Jan-2010Characterization of corrosive bacterial consortia isolated from petroleum-product-transporting pipelinesRajasekar, A. ; Anandkumar, B.; Maruthamuthu, S.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Rahman, P.K.S.M.
7Aug-2009Effect of thermophilic sulphate-reducing bacteria (Desulfotomaculum geothermicum) isolated from Indian petroleum refinery on the corrosion of mild steelAnandkumar, B.; Rajasekar, A. ; Venkatachari, G.; Maruthamuthu, S.
817-Sep-2008Electrochemical behavior of Serratia marcescens ACE2 on carbon steel API 5L-X60 in organic/aqueous phaseRajasekar, A. ; Maruthamuthu, S.; Ting, Y.-P. 
915-Feb-2013Erratum to Bacteria attachment to surfaces - AFM force spectroscopy and physicochemical analyses [J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 364 (2011) 213-218]Harimawan, A.; Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
1016-Feb-2011Inhibition of biocorrosion of aluminum 2024 aeronautical alloy by conductive ladder polymer poly(o -phenylenediamine)Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
117-Jul-2010Microbial corrosion of aluminum 2024 aeronautical alloy by hydrocarbon degrading bacteria bacillus cereus ACE4 and serratia marcescens ACE2Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P. 
127-Sep-2011Role of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria Serratia marcescens ACE2 and Bacillus cereus ACE4 on corrosion of carbon steel API 5LXRajasekar, A. ; Balasubramanian, R. ; Vm Kuma, J. 
1316-Nov-2011Role of inorganic and organic medium in the corrosion behavior of bacillus megaterium and pseudomonas sp. in stainless steel SS 304Rajasekar, A. ; Ting, Y.-P.