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Pehkonen,Simo Olavi
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Pehkonen, S.O.
Olavi, P.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005Angled XPS analysis of low-k dielectric surfaces after cleaningTan, Y.S.; Chooi, S.Y.M.; Sin, C.-Y.; Ee, P.-Y.; Srinivasan, M.P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
2Sep-2006Antimicrobial surfaces of viologen-quaternized poly((2-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate)-Si(100) hybrids from surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerizationXu, F.J. ; Yuan, S.J. ; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
32008Biocorrosion behavior of titanium oxide/butoxide-coated stainless steelYuan, S.J. ; Xu, F.J. ; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Ting, Y.P. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
416-Jul-2008Biocorrosion of AISI 304 stainless steel by desulfo vibrio desulfuricans in seawaterNguyen, T.M.P.; Sheng, X.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
5Sep-2004Characterization of low-k dielectric trench surface cleaning after a fluorocarbon etchTan, Y.S.; Chooi, S.Y.M. ; Sin, C.-Y.; Ee, P.-Y.; Srinivasan, M.P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
6Sep-2003Copper corrosion in distribution systems: Effect of ozonation and biofiltrationPalit, A.; Pehkonen, S.O. 
7Oct-2000Copper corrosion in distribution systems: Evaluation of a homogeneous Cu2O film and a natural corrosion scale as corrosion inhibitorsPalit, A.; Pehkonen, S.O. 
8Nov-2002Copper corrosion in mildly alkaline water with the disinfectant monochloramineZhang, X.; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Kocherginsky, N. ; Andrew Ellis, G.
92004Copper corrosion kinetics and mechanisms in the presence of chlorine and orthophosphateZhe, Y.; Pehkonen, S.O. 
107-May-2008Corrosion behavior of type 304 stainless steel in a simulated seawater-based medium in the presence and absence of aerobic pseudomonas NCIMB 2021 bacteriaYuan, S.J. ; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Ting, Y.P. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
112001Degradation of methylmercury by OH radicals in natural watersPehkonen, S.O. ; Jing, C.
122001Degradation of methylmercury by OH radicals in natural watersPehkonen, S.O. ; Jing, C.
13May-2003Degradation of monomethylmercury chloride by hydroxyl radicals in simulated natural watersChen, J.; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Lin, C.-J.
142006Direct force measurement of bacteria adhesion on metal in aqueous mediaXiaoxia, S.; Peng, T.Y. ; Olavi, P.S. 
152006Direct measurements of interactive forces on the components of biofilm using atomic force microscopySheng, X.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
161-Feb-2007Effect of replacing a hydroxyl group with a methyl group on arsenic (V) species adsorption on goethite (α-FeOOH)Zhang, J.S.; Stanforth, R.S. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
17Feb-2002Effect of specific water quality parameters on copper corrosionPehkonen, S.O. ; Palit, A.; Zhang, X.
182006Effects of ring substituents on the protective properties of self-assembled benzenethiols on copperTan, Y.S. ; Srinivasan, M.P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Chooi, S.Y.M.
1924-Oct-2007Evaluation of an organic corrosion inhibitor on abiotic corrosion and microbiologically influenced corrosion of mild steelSheng, X.; Ting, Y.-P. ; Pehkonen, S.O. 
2018-Feb-2004Evaluation of Three Different Lamp Emission Models Using Novel Application of Potassium Ferrioxalate ActinometryQuan, Y.; Pehkonen, S.O. ; Ray, M.B.