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Chee Weng Yong

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1Oct-2021An efficient way of intra-oral sinus lavageSng, Jie Han Timothy; Yong, Chee Weng ; Lum, Jing li ; Liew, Kang Ming Melvin 
21-Feb-2023Are 3D printed resin surgical splints safe to use in the mouth? A comparative in vitro studySha, Y; Quah, B ; Sng, TJH ; Yong, CW ; Islam, I ; Wong, RCW 
31-Feb-2023Cross sectional study on the competence and confidence of dental students and graduates in the management of medically compromised patients and acute medical emergenciesSng, TJH; Yong, CW ; Wong, RCW 
41-Jul-2019Medical emergencies in Dentistry: Practical tips in ImplementationWeng, Yong Chee ; Wong, Raymond CW 
52-Jun-2022Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived small extracellular vesicles modulate macrophage polarization and enhance angio-osteogenesis to promote bone healingChuah, Shang Jiunn ; Yong, Chee Weng ; Teo, Kristeen Ye Wen ; Chew, Jacob Ren Jie ; Cheow, Yi Ann ; Zhang, Shipin ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen ; Lim, Asher Ah Tong ; Lim, Sai Kiang ; Toh, Wei Seong 
61-Feb-2023Orthognathic Surgery for Obstructive Sleep ApneaQuah, Bernadette ; Sng, Timothy Jie Han ; Yong, Chee Weng ; Wong, Raymond Chung Wen 
71-Apr-2023The role of anterior segmental osteotomies in orthognathic surgery for protrusive faces in a Southeast Asian population: 10-year retrospective data of 51 patients treated in a single centreYong, CW ; Sng, TJH ; Quah, B ; Lee, CKJ; Lim, AAT ; Wong, RCW 
81-Jan-2022The virtual patient model for correction of facial deformity and accuracy of simulation and surgical guide constructionWong, RCW ; Yong, CW ; Chen, MWJ ; Sng, TJH ; Tan, KH; Lim, R 
91-Jan-2021Use of an improvised clamp to manage bleeding tongue injuriesChen, MWJ; Yong, CW ; Lum, JL 
1011-Oct-2021Use of Anterior Ramus Bone Graft for Mandibular Reconstruction in Elderly PatientsDan Yu; Jianyao Huang; Changyang Yu; Jianhua Liu ; Chee Weng Yong ; Huiyong Zhu