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Wei Jie Jonathan Lee
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2022A case report of improvement on ADHD symptoms after fecal microbiota transplantation with gut microbiome profiling pre- and post-procedureSuet Hooi; Jacky Dwiyanto; Haikel Rasiti; Kai Toh; Reuben Wong ; Jonathan Lee 
21-Aug-2016Asian consensus on the relationship between obesity and gastrointestinal and liver diseasesKoh, Jianyi Calvin ; Loo, Wai Mun ; Goh, Khean Lee; Sugano, Kentaro; Chan, Wah Kheong; Chiu, Wai Yan Philip ; Choi, Myung-Gyu; Gonlachanvit, Sutep; Lee, Wei-Jei; Lee, Wei Jie Jonathan ; Lee, Yeong Yeh; Lesmana, Laurentius A; Li, You-Ming; Liu, Chun Jen; Matsuura, Bunzo; Nakajima, Atsushi; Ng, Enders Kwok Wai; Sollano, Jose D; Wong, Simon Kin Hung; Wong, Vincent WS; Yang, Yunsheng; Ho, Khek Yu ; Dan, Yock Young
329-Sep-2023Complete genome sequences of butyrate producing <i>Anaerostipes hadrus</i> strains BA1 and GIF7 isolated from the terminal ileum of a healthy lean maleLow, Adrian ; Sheludchenko, Maxim; Cheng, Huay Ee ; Koh, Xiu Qi ; Lee, Jonathan Wei Jie 
45-Sep-2022Infection with pathogenic Blastocystis ST7 is associated with decreased bacterial diversity and altered gut microbiome profiles in diarrheal patientsDeng, Lei; Lee, Jonathan WJ ; Tan, Kevin SW 
51-Jan-2022Mucosal microbiome associates with progression to gastric cancerPNG CHIN WEN ; LEE WEI JIE JONATHAN ; CHUA SHIJIA JOY ; Feng Zhu ; Gastric Consortium; Yeoh, K.-G. ; Zhang, Yongliang 
62-May-2022Oral Microbiome of Crohn's Disease Patients With and Without Oral ManifestationsHu, Shijia ; Mok, John; Gowans, Michelle ; Ong, David EH ; Hartono, Juanda Leo ; Lee, Jonathan Wei Jie 
7Dec-2021Population study of the gut microbiome: associations with diet, lifestyle, and cardiometabolic diseaseWalker, Rebecca L; Vlamakis, Hera; LEE WEI JIE JONATHAN ; Besse, Luke A; Xanthakis, Vanessa; Vasan, Ramachandran S; Shaw, Stanley Y; Xavier, Ramnik J
824-May-2021Prevalence and molecular subtyping of Blastocystis in patients with Clostridium difficile infection, SingaporeDeng, Lei ; Tay, Huiyi; Peng, Guangneng; Lee, Jonathan W. J. ; Tan, Kevin S. W. 
99-Jul-2020Rising prevalence of colonic diverticulosis in a westernized multi-ethnic Asian communitySoh, Yu Sen Alex ; Ooi, Shu Qin Delicia ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Siah, Tien-Ho Kewin; Lee, Soh-Ee ; Lee, Wei Jie Jonathan ; Zhu, Feng ; Yeoh, Khay Guan ; Gwee, Kok-Ann 
1028-Mar-2023The microbial composition and functional roles of different kombucha products in SingaporeSuet Li Hooi; Jacky Dwiyanto; Kai Toh; Gwendoline Tan; Chun Wie Chong; Jonathan Wei Jie Lee ; Jeremy Lim
111-Aug-2018Time needed to resolve patient complaints and factors influencing it: a cohort studyLee, Jonathan ; Loh, Tze Ping; Ong, David Eng Hui ; Caleb, Michael George; Lim, Aymeric Yu Tang; Manning, Peter George