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Yu Sen, Alex Soh
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A systematic review of the role of prebiotics and probiotics in autism spectrum disordersNg, Q.X.; Loke, W.; Venkatanarayanan, N.; Lim, D.Y.; Soh, A.Y.S. ; Yeo, W.S. 
22020Atopic patients who fulfilled Rome III criteria for irritable bowel syndRome had higher animal danders sensitizationSiah, K.T.H.; Santosa, A. ; Cheung, C.K.Y.; Soh, A.Y.S. ; Bigliardi, P.L.
32019Escitalopram-induced liver injury: A case report and review of literatureNg, Q.X.; Yong, C.S.K.; Loke, W.; Yeo, W.S.; Soh, A.Y.S. 
415-Apr-2021Multinational survey on the preferred approach to management of Barrett's esophagus in the Asia-Pacific regionKew, Guan Sen; Soh, Alex Yu Sen ; Lee, Yeong Yeh; Gotoda, Takuji; Li, Yan-Qing; Zhang, Yan; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Siah, Kewin Tien Ho ; Tong, Daniel; Law, Simon Ying Kit; Ruszkiewicz, Andrew; Tseng, Ping-Huei; Lee, Yi-Chia; Chang, Chi-Yang; Duc, Trong Quach; Kusano, Chika; Bhatia, Shobna; Wu, Justin Che-Yuen; Singh, Rajvinder; Sharma, Prateek; Ho, Khek-Yu
59-Jul-2020Rising prevalence of colonic diverticulosis in a westernized multi-ethnic Asian communitySoh, Yu Sen Alex ; Ooi, Shu Qin Delicia ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Siah, Tien-Ho Kewin; Lee, Soh-Ee ; Lee, Wei Jie Jonathan ; Zhu, Feng ; Yeoh, Khay Guan ; Gwee, Kok-Ann 
6Jul-2020The practice of gastrointestinal motility laboratory during COVID-19 pandemic: Position statements of the Asian neurogastroenterology and motility association (ANMA-GML-COVID-19 position statements)Siah, K.T.H.; Rahman, M.M.; Ong, A.M.L.; Soh, A.Y.S. ; Lee, Y.Y.; Xiao, Y.; Sachdeva, S.; Jung, K.W.; Wang, Y.-P.; Oshima, T.; Patcharatrakul, T.; Tseng, P.-H.; Goyal, O.; Pang, J. ; Lai, C.K.C.; Park, J.H.; Mahadeva, S.; Cho, Y.K.; Wu, J.C.Y.; Ghoshal, U.C.; Miwa, H.