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12018Adipocyte long-Noncoding RNA transcriptome analysis of obese mice identified lnc-Leptin, which regulates leptinLo K.A.; Huang S. ; Walet A.C.E. ; Zhang Z.-C.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Liu M.; Sun L. 
22017Angiotensin type 2 receptor activation promotes browning of white adipose tissue and brown adipogenesisThan A.; Xu S.; Li R.; Leow M.-S. ; Sun L. ; Chen P.
327-Jul-2022Brown Adipose Tissue influences Adiponectin and Thyroid Hormone Changes during Graves' Disease TherapyWei-En Ho; Lijuan Sun; Hui Jen Goh; Mya Thway Tint; Lei Sun ; Melvin Khee Shing Leow
42019Brown Adipose Tissue: Multimodality Evaluation by PET, MRI, Infrared Thermography, and Whole-Body Calorimetry (TACTICAL-II)Sun L.; Verma S.; Michael N.; Chan S.P. ; Yan J.; Sadananthan S.A.; Camps S.G.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Totman J. ; Townsend D. ; Goh J.P.-N.; Sun L. ; Boehm B.O.; Lim S.C.; Sze S.K.; Henry C.J. ; Hu H.H.; Velan S.S. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
52020Brown fat activity determined by infrared thermography and thermogenesis measurement using whole body calorimetry (bright study)Tay S.H.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Cheng J.; Camps S.G.J.A.; Haldar S.; Velan S.S. ; Sun L. ; Li Y.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
62018Capsinoids activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) with increased energy expenditure associated with subthreshold 18-fluorine fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in BAT-positive humans confirmed by positron emission tomography scanSun L.; Camps S.G.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Schaefferkoetter J.D.; Townsend D.W.; Verma S.K.; Velan S.S. ; Sun L. ; Sze S.K.; Lim S.C.; Boehm B.O.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
72020CD4+ T Cells Mediate the Development of Liver Fibrosis in High Fat Diet-Induced NAFLD in Humanized MiceHer, Z.; Tan, J.H.L.; Lim, Y.-S. ; Tan, S.Y.; Chan, X.Y.; Tan, W.W.S.; Liu, M.; Yong, K.S.M.; Lai, F. ; Ceccarello, E.; Zheng, Z. ; Fan, Y.; Chang, K.T.E. ; Sun, L. ; Chang, S.C.; Chin, C.-L.; Lee, G.H. ; Dan, Y.Y. ; Chan, Y.-S.; Lim, S.G. ; Chan, J.K.Y. ; Chandy, K.G.; Chen, Q.
82018De novo reconstruction of human adipose transcriptome reveals conserved lncRNAs as regulators of brown adipogenesisDing C.; Lim Y.C. ; Chia S.Y. ; Walet A.C.E. ; Xu S.; Lo K.A.; Zhao Y.; Zhu D.; Shan Z.; Chen Q.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Xu D. ; Sun L. 
92016Differentially expressed circulating LncRNAs and mRNA identified by microarray analysis in obese patientsSun, J; Ruan, Y; Wang, M; Chen, R; Yu, N; Sun, L ; Liu, T; Chen, H
102017Dynamic transcriptome changes during adipose tissue energy expenditure reveal critical roles for long noncoding RNA regulatorsBai Z. ; Chai X.-R. ; Yoon M.J. ; Kim H.-J. ; Lo K.A.; Zhang Z.-C.; Xu D. ; Siang D.T.C. ; Walet A.C.E. ; Xu S.-H. ; Chia S.-Y.; Chen P.; Yang H.; Ghosh S. ; Sun L. 
112018Erratum to: Angiotensin type 2 receptor activation promotes browning of white adipose tissue and brown adipogenesis (Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, (2017), 2, (17022), 10.1038/sigtrans.2017.22)Than, A; Xu, S; Li, R; Leow, M.K.-S ; Sun, L ; Chen, P
122017Integrative analyses of translatome and transcriptome reveal important translational controls in brown and white adipose regulated by microRNAsReid, D.W; Xu, D ; Chen, P; Yang, H; Sun, L 
136-Jul-2020Magnetic fields modulate metabolism and gut microbiome in correlation with Pgc-1α expression: Follow-up to an in vitro magnetic mitohormetic study.Tai, Yee Kit ; Ng, Charmaine ; Purnamawati, Kristy; Yap, Jasmine Lye Yee; Yin, Jocelyn Naixin; Wong, Craig; Patel, Bharati Kadamb; Soong, Poh Loong ; Pelczar, Pawel; Fröhlich, Jürg; Beyer, Christian; Fong, Charlene Hui Hua; Ramanan, Sharanya; Casarosa, Marco; Cerrato, Carmine Pasquale; Foo, Zi Ling ; Pannir Selvan, Rina Malathi; Grishina, Elina ; Degirmenci, Ufuk; Toh, Shi Jie ; Richards, Pete J; Mirsaidi, Ali; Wuertz-Kozak, Karin; Chong, Suet Yen ; Ferguson, Stephen J; Aguzzi, Adriano; Monici, Monica; Sun, Lei ; Drum, Chester L ; Wang, Jiong-Wei; Franco-Obregón, Alfredo 
1426-Jun-2019Neural Crest-Specific Deletion of Rbfox2 in Mice Leads to Craniofacial Abnormalities Including Cleft Palate.DASAN MARY CIBI ; MIA MD MASUM ; SHAMINI D/O GUNA SHEKERAN ; Yun LS; SANDIREDDY REDDEMMA ; Gupta P; MONALISA HOTA ; SUN LEI ; SUJOY GHOSH ; Singh Manvendra Kumar 
152015Regulatory networks of non-coding RNAs in brown/beige adipogenesisXu, S; Chen, P ; Sun, L 
162017RNA binding protein Ybx2 regulates RNA stability during cold-induced brown fat activationXu D.; Xu S.; Kyaw A.M.M. ; Lim Y.C.; Chia S.Y. ; Siang D.T.C. ; Alvarez-Dominguez J.R.; Chen P.; Khee-Shing Leow M. ; Sun L. 
1713-Sep-2018Thyroid hormone (T3) stimulates brown adipose tissue activation via mitochondrial biogenesis and MTOR-mediated mitophagyWinifred Wing Yiu Yau ; Brijesh K Singh ; Ronny Lesmana; Jin Zhou ; Rohit Anthony Sinha ; Kiraely Adam Wong ; Yajun Wu ; Boon Huat Bay ; Shigeki Sugii ; Lei Sun ; Paul Yen 
182013Turning WAT into BAT: A review on regulators controlling the browning of white adipocytesLo, K.A; Sun, L 
1922-Mar-2016Wnt inhibition enhances browning of mouse primary white adipocytesKinyui Alice Lo; Pei Yi Ng; Zahra Kabiri ; David M Virshup ; Lei Sun