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Lingaraj Krishna
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Krishna, L.
Lingaraj, K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Body Mass Changes Across a Variety of Running Race Distances in the TropicsTan, D.W; Yap, S.H ; Wang, M; Fan, P.W; Teo, Y.S; Krishnasamy, P; Krishna, L ; Hew-Butler, T; Lee, J.K.W 
22018Chinese Ethnicity Is Associated With Concomitant Cartilage Injuries in Anterior Cruciate Ligament TearsChan, C.X.; Wong, K.L.; Toh, S.J. ; Krishna, L. 
3Aug-2013Complications and their risk factors following hip fracture surgery.Poh, K.S.; Lingaraj, K. 
4Jul-2011Femoral shaft fractures in the elderly - Role of prior bisphosphonate therapyNg, Y.H.; Gino, P.D.; Lingaraj, K. ; Das De, S. 
5Apr-2011Incidence of deep vein thrombosis following total hip arthroplasty: a Doppler ultrasonographic study.Wong, K.L.; Daguman, R.; Lim, K.H.; Shen, L.; Lingaraj, K. 
61-Jul-2022Magnetic field therapy enhances muscle mitochondrial bioenergetics and attenuates systemic ceramide levels following ACL reconstruction: Southeast Asian randomized-controlled pilot trialStephenson, MC; Krishna, L ; Pannir Selvan, RM ; Tai, YK ; Kit Wong, CJ ; Yin, JN ; Toh, SJ ; Torta, F ; Triebl, A ; Frohlich, J; Beyer, C; Li, JZ; Tan, SS; Wong, CK ; Chinnasamy, D; Pakkiri, LS ; Lee Drum, C ; Wenk, MR ; Totman, JJ ; Franco-Obregon, A 
7Jun-2011Polyethylene thickness in unicompartmental knee arthroplastyLingaraj, K. ; Morris, H.; Bartlett, J.
82014Residual knee pain and functional outcome following total knee arthroplasty in osteoarthritic patientsNashi, N.; Hong, C.C.; Krishna, L. 
9Mar-2010The femoral sulcus in total knee arthroplasty: Reply to the letter by J.-Y. JennyLingaraj, K. ; Bartlett, J.
10Dec-2010The ten-year pattern of hip diseases in Singapore.Singh, G.; Krishna, L. ; Das De, S.