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Griva, K.
Griva, K.
Konstadina Griva
Griva, Konstadina


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119-Oct-2016A Longitudinal Study of the Protective Effect of Hope on Reducing Body Image Distress in Cancer PatientsJianlin Liu; Konstadina Griva ; Haikel Lim ; Joyce Tan ; Rathi Mahendran 
22010An evaluation of illness, treatment perceptions, and depression in hospital- vs. home-based dialysis modalitiesGriva, K. ; Harrison, M.; Newman, S.; Davenport, A.
32017Caudwell xtreme everest: A prospective study of the effects of environmental hypoxia on cognitive functioningGriva K. ; Stygall J.; Wilson M.H.; Martin D.; Levett D.; Mitchell K.; Mythen M.; Montgomery H.E.; Grocott M.P.; Aref-Adib G.; Edsell M.; Plant T.; Imray C.; Cooke D.; Harrington J.; Khosravi M.; Newman S.P.; Ahuja V.; Burnham R.; Chisholm A.; Clarke K.; Coates D.; Coates M.; Cook D.; Cox M.; Dhillon S.; Dougall C.; Doyle P.; Duncan P.; Edwards L.; Evans L.; Gardiner P.; Gunning P.; Hart N.; Harvey J.; Holloway C.; Howard D.; Hurlbut D.; Ince C.; Jonas M.; Van Der Kaaij J.; Kolfschoten N.; Luery H.; Luks A.; McMorrow R.; Meale P.; Morgan G.; Morgan J.; Murray A.; O'Dwyer M.; Pate J.; Pun M.; Richards P.; Richardson A.; Rodway G.; Simpson J.; Stroud C.; Stroud M.; Symons B.; Szawarski P.; Van Tulleken A.; Van Tulleken C.; Vercueil A.; Wandrag L.; Windsor J.; Basnyat B.; Clarke C.; Hornbein T.; Milledge J.; West J.
4Oct-2010Cognitive impairment and 7-year mortality in dialysis patientsGriva, K. ; Stygall, J.; Hankins, M.; Davenport, A.; Harrison, M.; Newman, S.P.
5May-2013Communicative and critical health literacy, and self-management behaviors in end-stage renal disease patients with diabetes on hemodialysisLai, A.Y.; Ishikawa, H.; Kiuchi, T.; Mooppil, N.; Griva, K. 
6Jan-2011Coping strategies influence caregiver outcomes among Asian family caregivers of persons with dementia in SingaporeLim, J.; Griva, K. ; Goh, J.; Chionh, H.L.; Yap, P. 
72017Evaluation of a brief pilot psychoeducational support group intervention for family caregivers of cancer patients: A quasi-experimental mixed-methods studyMahendran, R ; Lim, H.A ; Tan, J.Y.S ; Ng, H.Y ; Chua, J; Lim, S.E; Kua, E.H ; Griva, K 
8Jul-2012Evaluation of adherence and depression among patients on peritoneal dialysisYu, Z.L.; Yeoh, L.Y.; Seow, Y.Y.; Luo, X.C.; Griva, K. 
923-Jun-2017Factors associated with diabetes-related distress over time among patients with T2DM in a tertiary hospital in SingaporeTan, ML ; Tan, CS ; Griva, K ; Lee, YS ; Lee, J ; Tai, ES ; Khoo, EY ; Wee, HL 
1015-Mar-2013Health-related quality of life and long-term survival and graft failure in kidney transplantation: A 12-year follow-up studyGriva, K. ; Davenport, A.; Newman, S.P.
1115-Mar-2013Health-related quality of life and long-term survival and graft failure in kidney transplantation: a 12-year follow-up study.Griva, K. ; Davenport, A.; Newman, S.P.
122015Improving outcomes in patients with coexisting multimorbid conditions-the development and evaluation of the combined diabetes and renal control trial (C-DIRECT): Study protocolGriva K. ; Mooppil N.; Khoo E. ; Lee V.Y.W. ; Kang A.W.C.; Newman S.P.
1311-Jul-2016Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions in Singapore – Exploring the Perspectives and Experiences of Family Caregivers of Patients with Diabetes and End Stage Renal Disease on HaemodialysisVanessa Lee ; Wei Ying Seah; Augustine Kang; Eric Khoo ; Nandakumar Mooppil; Konstadina Griva 
14Jan-2013Managing treatment for end-stage renal disease - A qualitative study exploring cultural perspectives on facilitators and barriers to treatment adherenceGriva, K. ; Ng, H.J. ; Loei, J.; Mooppil, N.; McBain, H.; Newman, S.P.
1525-Feb-2014Non-adherence in patients on peritoneal dialysis: A systematic reviewGriva, K. ; Lai, A.Y.; Lim, H.A.; Yu, Z.; Foo, M.W.Y.; Newman, S.P.
16Aug-2012Non-Adherence to immunosuppressive medications in kidney transplantation: Intent Vs. forgetfulness and clinical markers of medication intakeGriva, K. ; Davenport, A.; Harrison, M.; Newman, S.P.
17May-2013Perspectives of patients, families, and health care professionals on decision-making about dialysis modality-the good, the bad, and the misunderstandings!Griva, K. ; Li, Z.H.; Lai, A.Y.; Choong, M.C.; Foo, M.W.Y.
182015Psychometric properties of the problem areas in diabetes (PAID) instrument in SingaporeVenkataraman K. ; Tan L.S.M. ; Bautista D.C.T. ; Griva K. ; Zuniga Y.L.M. ; Amir M.; Lee Y.S. ; Lee J. ; Tai E.S. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Wee H.L. 
19Feb-2014Quality of life and emotional distress between patients on peritoneal dialysis versus community-based hemodialysisGriva, K. ; Kang, A.W.; Yu, Z.L.; Mooppil, N.K.; Foo, M.; Chan, C.M.; Newman, S.P.
202016Rates of intentional and unintentional nonadherence to peritoneal dialysis regimes and associated factorsYu Z.L.; Lee V.Y.W.; Kang A.W.C.; Chan S.; Foo M.; Chan C.M.; Griva K.