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12-Jun-2021An observational study of the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in treatment-experienced people living with HIV in SingaporeAng, Li Wei; Ng, Oon Tek; Boudville, Irving Charles; Leo, Yee Sin ; Wong, Chen Seong 
2Mar-2020Developing a Typology of HIV/STI Testing Patterns Among Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Men: A Framework to Guide InterventionsTan, Rayner Kay Jin ; Kaur, Nashwinder ; Chen, Mark I-Cheng ; Wong, Chen Seong 
32020Effect of a web drama video series on HIV and other sexually transmitted infection testing among gay, bisexual and queer men: study protocol for a community-based, pragmatic randomised controlled trial in Singapore: The People like Us (PLU) Evaluation StudyTan, R.K.J. ; Koh, W.L. ; Le, D.; Tan, A.; Tyler, A.; Tan, C.; Banerjee, S.; Wong, C.S. ; Wong, M.-L.; Chio, M.T.-W.; Chen, M.I.-C. 
42020Efficacy and safety of abacavir/lamivudine plus rilpivirine as a first-line regimen in treatment-naïve HIV-1 infected adultsHo, S.; Wong, J.G.; Ng, O.T.; Lee, C.C. ; Leo, Y.S. ; Lye, D.C.B. ; Wong, C.S. 
52-Mar-2021Epidemiological factors associated with recent HIV infection among newly-diagnosed cases in Singapore, 2013-2017Ang, Li Wei; Low, Carmen ; Wong, Chen Seong ; Boudville, Irving Charles; Toh, Matthias Paul Han Sim ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Lee, Vernon Jian Ming ; Leo, Yee Sin ; Chow, Angela ; Lin, Raymond Tzer-Pin 
61-Jan-2021Epidemiological factors associated with the absence of previous HIV testing among HIV-positive persons in Singapore, 2012-2017Ang, Li Wei; Toh, Matthias Paul Han Sim ; Boudville, Irving Charles; Wong, Chen Seong ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Lee, Vernon; Chow, Angela ; Leo, Yee Sin 
7Jun-2019Extent and selectivity of sexual orientation disclosure and its association with HIV and other STI testing patterns among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with menTan, Rayner Kay Jin ; Teo, Alvin Kuo Jing ; Kaur, Nashwinder ; Harrison-Quintana, Jack; Wong, Chen Seong ; Chen, Mark I-Cheng 
82019Factors associated with hepatitis B and C co-infection among HIV-infected patients in Singapore, 2006-2017Choy, C.Y.; Ang, L.W.; Ng, O.T.; Leo, Y.S. ; Wong, C.S. 
93-Apr-2022Guidance for the prescription of human immunodeficiency virus pre-exposure prophylaxis in Singapore.Choy, Chiaw Yee; Wong, Chen Seong ; Kumar, P Arun ; Yeo, Benson; Banerjee, Sumita; Leow, Yangfa; Olszyna, Dariusz Piotr; Tan, Kok Kuan; Tan, Rayner Kay Jin ; Ti, Jonathan; Chan, Roy; Le, Daniel; Kwok, Chronos; Archuleta, Sophia 
101-May-2021HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Condoms, or Both? Insights on Risk Compensation Through a Discrete Choice Experiment and Latent Class Analysis Among Men Who Have Sex With MenTan, Rayner Kay Jin ; Wang, Yi ; Prem, Kiesha ; Harrison-Quintana, Jack; Teo, Alvin Kuo Jing ; Kaur, Nashwinder; Cook, Alex R. ; Chen, Mark I-Cheng ; Wong, Chen Seong 
1128-Feb-2020Individual, interpersonal, and situational factors influencing HIV and other STI risk perception among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men: a qualitative studyRayner Tan; Nashwinder Kaur ; Mark Chen ; Chen Seong Wong 
1213-May-2020It’s not all about COVID-19: pneumocystis pneumonia in the era of a respiratory outbreakChoy, C.Y.; Wong, C.S. 
135-Nov-2021Lack of latent tuberculosis (TB) screening and delay in anti-retroviral therapy initiation in HIV-TB co-infection: an 11-year study in an intermediate TB-burden countryTeng, Vannesa Yue May; Chua, Yan Ting; Lai, Eunice En Ni; Mukherjee, Shilpa; Michaels, Jessica; Wong, Chen Seong ; Shen, Liang ; Leo, Yee Sin ; Young, Barnaby; Archuleta, Sophia ; Ong, Catherine WM 
1431-Dec-2023Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI plus ) healthcare in Singapore: perspectives of non-governmental organisations and clinical year medical studentsO'Hara, Caitlin A; Foon, Xiang Lin; Ng, Jared CK; Wong, Chen Seong ; Wang, Francine YC; Tan, Clara YR; Cheah, Yi Ting ; Griva, Konstadina ; Yoong, Joanne SY ; Tan, Rayner KJ 
152019Mobilizing civil society for the HIV treatment cascade: a global analysis on democracy and its association with people living with HIV who know their statusTan, R.K.J. ; Wong, C.S. 
163-Apr-2022Recommendations for the use of antiretroviral therapy in adults living with HIV in Singapore.Choy, Chiaw Yee; Wong, Chen Seong ; Kumar, P Arun ; Olszyna, Dariusz Piotr ; Teh, Yii Ean ; Chien, Mei Fong Jaime ; Kurup, Asok ; Koh, Yin Ling ; Ho, Lai Peng; Law, Hwa Lin; Chua, Nathalie Grace Sy; Yong, Hui Yan Joy; Archuleta, Sophia 
171-Nov-2021Safety and effectiveness of switching to Abacavir/Lamivudine plus rilpivirine for maintenance therapy in virologically suppressed HIV-1 individuals in Singapore (SEALS)Lim, Z. C.; Hoo, G. S.; Ang, J. H.; Teng, C. B. ; Ang, L. W.; Lee, C. C. ; Leo, Y. S. ; Law, H. L.; Ng, O. T.; Wong, C. S. 
181-Dec-2019The Greying Pandemic: Implications of Ageing Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Positive Population in SingaporeNg, Dorothy HL ; Beh, Darius LL; Sutjipto, Stephanie; Archuleta, Sophia ; Wong, Chen Seong