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Teo A.K.J.
Teo, Alvin Kuo Jing


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A mixed methods study of non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis at an STI clinic in Singapore: Five-year retrospective analysis and providers? perspectivesTeo A.K.J. ; Tai B.C. ; Chio M.T.-W. ; La H.H. 
226-May-2020Concealment of Potential Exposure to COVID-19 and Its Impact on Outbreak Control: Lessons from the HIV ResponseTeo, Alvin Kuo Jing ; Tan, Rayner Kay Jin ; Prem, Kiesha 
32020Effect of community active case-finding strategies for detection of tuberculosis in Cambodia: study protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trialTeo, Alvin Kuo Jing ; Prem, Kiesha ; Evdokimov, Konstantin ; Ork, Chetra; Eng, Sothearith; Tuot, Sovannary; Chry, Monyrath; Mao, Tan Eang; Hsu, Li Yang ; Yi, Siyan 
410-Apr-2019Estimating the size of key populations for HIV in Singapore using the network scale-up methodTeo, AKJ ; Prem, K ; Chen, MIC ; Roellin, A ; Wong, ML ; La, HH ; Cook, AR 
5Apr-2020Mobilising community networks for early identification of tuberculosis and treatment initiation in Cambodia: an evaluation of a seed-and-recruit modelALVIN TEO KUO JING ; KIESHA PREM ; Tuot, Sovannary; Ork, Chetra; Eng, Sothearith; Pande, Tripti; Chry, Monyrath; HSU LI YANG ; YI SIYAN 
66-Nov-2018Spatial and temporal projections of the prevalence of active tuberculosis in CambodiaPrem, K ; Pheng, SH; Teo, AKJ ; Evdokimov, K ; Nang, EEK ; Hsu, LY ; Saphonn, V; Tieng, S; Mao, TE; Cook, AR 
72018Trends in unprotected intercourse among heterosexual men before and after brothel ban in Siem Reap, Cambodia: A serial cross-sectional study (2003-2012)Wong, M.L ; Teo, A.K.J ; Tai, B.C ; Ng, A.M.T; Lim, R.B.T ; Tham, D.K.T ; Kaur, N ; Tan, R.K.J ; Kros, S; Touch, S; Chhit, M; Lubek, I