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Adrian Roellin
Roellin, A.
Röllin, A.
Roellin, Adrian


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2009A three-parameter binomial approximationPeköz, E.A.; Shwartz, M.; Röllin, A. ; Čekanavičius, V.
2Sep-2013Approximating dependent rare eventsChen, L.H.Y. ; Röllin, A. 
3Jun-2013Degree asymptotics with rates for preferential attachment random graphsPeköz, E.A.; Röllin, A. ; Ross, N.
410-Apr-2019Estimating the size of key populations for HIV in Singapore using the network scale-up methodTeo, AKJ ; Prem, K ; Chen, MIC ; Roellin, A ; Wong, ML ; La, HH ; Cook, AR 
52020Exponential and laplace approximation for occupation statistics of branching random walkPeköz, E.A.; Röllin, A. ; Ross, N.
62011Exponential approximation by stein's method and spectral graph theoryChatterjee, S.; Fulman, J.; Röllin, A. 
72011Exponential approximation for the nearly critical Galton-Watson process and occupation times of Markov chainsPeköz, E.A.; Röllin, A. 
81-Jan-2021Higher-order fluctuations in dense random graph modelsKaur, Gursharn ; Roellin, A. 
912-Dec-2012Individual and Population Level Effects of Partner Notification for Chlamydia trachomatisAlthaus, C.L.; Heijne, J.C.M.; Herzog, S.A.; Roellin, A. ; Low, N.
102015Local limit theorems via Landau-Kolmogorov inequalitiesRoellin, Adrian ; Ross, Nathan
11Nov-2009Multivariate normal approximation with stein's method of exchangeable pairs under a general linearity conditionReinert, G.; Röllin, A. 
12Nov-2009Multivariate normal approximation with stein's method of exchangeable pairs under a general linearity conditionReinert, G.; Röllin, A. 
13Mar-2011New rates for exponential approximation and the theorems of Rényi and YaglomPeköz, E.A.; Röllin, A. 
1415-Oct-2013Quantifying the natural history of breast cancerTan, K.H.X.; Simonella, L.; Wee, H.L. ; Roellin, A. ; Lim, Y.-W.; Lim, W.-Y. ; Chia, K.S. ; Hartman, M. ; Cook, A.R. 
15Jun-2010Random subgraph counts and u-statistics: Multivariate normal approximation via exchangeable pairs and embeddingReinert, G.; Röllin, A. 
162018Respondent-driven sampling and sparse graph convergenceAthreya, S.; Roellin, A. 
1719-Mar-2021Simultaneous spatiotemporal super-resolution and multi-parametric fluorescence microscopySankaran, Jagadish ; Balasubramanian, Harikrushnan ; Tang, Wai Hoh ; Ng, Xue Wen ; Röllin, Adrian ; Wohland, Thorsten 
18May-2013Stein's method in high dimensions with applicationsRöllin, A. 
192020Stein’s method via inductionChen, L.H.Y.; Goldstein, L.; Röllin, A. 
20May-2013Total variation error bounds for geometric approximationPeköz, E.A.; Röllin, A. ; Ross, N.