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Bee Choon, Christine Teng
Teng, C.B.
Teng, C.


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1Jan-2014A multicenter case-case control study for risk factors and outcomes of extensively drug-resistant acinetobacter baumannii bacteremiaNg, T.M.; Teng, C.B. ; Lye, D.C.; Apisarnthanarak, A.
21-Mar-2021A point prevalence survey to assess antibiotic prescribing in patients hospitalized with confirmed and suspected coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Tan, Sock Hoon; Ng, Tat Ming; Tay, Hui Lin; Yap, Min Yi; Heng, Shi Thong; Loo, Audrey Yong Xin; Teng, Christine B. ; Lee, Tau Hong
3Jun-2012Continuation of high-dose vancomycin despite nephrotoxicityTeng, C.B. ; Rezai, K.; Itokazu, G.S.; Xamplas, R.C.; Glowacki, R.C.; Rodvold, K.A.; Weinstein, R.A.; Schwartz, D.N.
42020Effective Antimicrobial StewaRdship StrategIES (ARIES): Cluster randomized trial of computerized decision support system and prospective review and feedbackHeng, S.T.; Wong, J.; Young, B.; Tay, H.L.; Tan, S.H.; Yap, M.Y.; Teng, C.B. ; Ang, B.; Lee, T.H.; Tan, H.L.; Lew, T.W.; Lye, D.C.; Ng, T.M.
53-Feb-2021Effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on antimicrobial prevalence and prescribing in a tertiary hospital in SingaporeNg, Tat Ming; Tan, Sock Hoon; Heng, Shi Thong; Tay, Hui Lin; Yap, Min Yi; Chua, Boon Hou; Teng, Christine B. ; Lye, David C. ; Lee, Tau Hong
6Jan-2012Guidelines for antimicrobial stewardship training and practiceTeng, C.B. ; Lee, W.; Yeo, C.L.; Lee, S.Y.; Ng, T.M.; Yeoh, S.F.; Lim, W.H.; Kwa, A.L.; Thoon, K.C.; Ooi, S.T.; Tan, T.Y.; Hsu, L.Y.; Lye, D.C.; Chlebicki, M.P.
7Oct-2011Nonconcordance with surgical site infection prevention guidelines and rates of surgical site infections for general surgical, neurological, and orthopedic proceduresYoung, B.; Ng, T.M.; Teng, C. ; Ang, B.; Tai, H.Y.; Lye, D.C.
82014Optimization of Vancomycin Dosing in Very Low-Birth-Weight Preterm NeonatesMadigan, T.; Teng, C.B. ; Koshaish, J.; Johnson, K.R.; Graner, K.K.; Banerjee, R.
91-Nov-2021Safety and effectiveness of switching to Abacavir/Lamivudine plus rilpivirine for maintenance therapy in virologically suppressed HIV-1 individuals in Singapore (SEALS)Lim, Z. C.; Hoo, G. S.; Ang, J. H.; Teng, C. B. ; Ang, L. W.; Lee, C. C. ; Leo, Y. S. ; Law, H. L.; Ng, O. T.; Wong, C. S. 
10Mar-2012Timing of susceptibility-based antifungal drug administration in patients with Candida bloodstream infection: Correlation with outcomesGrim, S.A.; Berger, K.; Teng, C. ; Gupta, S.; Layden, J.E.; Janda, W.M.; Clark, N.M.
112013Vancomycin monotherapy vs. combination therapy for the treatment of persistent methicillinresistant staphylococcus aureus bacteremiaSeah, J.; Lye, D.C.; Ng, T.-M.; Krishnan, P.; Choudhury, S.; Teng, C.B.