Full Name
Eric Yin Hao Khoo
Khoo, E.Y.H.
Khoo Yin Hao Eric
Khoo, E.
Khoo, Eric Y.In Hao
Khoo, E. Y.H. Khoo
Eric Y.in Hao Khoo
Eric Khoo
Eric Yin Hao Khoo
Eric Y.H. Khoo
Eric Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2014Anterior panhypopituitarism in diffuse large B-cell stage IV lymphomaValeros, K.A.; Khoo, E. 
22015Automated segmentation of visceral and subcutaneous (deep and superficial) adipose tissues in normal and overweight menSadananthan Suresh Anand ; Prakash Bhanu KN; Leow Khee Shing Melvin; Khoo Chin Meng ; Chou Hong; Venkataraman Kavita ; Khoo Yin Hao Eric ; Lee Yung Seng ; Gluckman Peter David ; Tai E.Shyong ; Velan Sendhil Sendhil
32014Body fat partitioning does not explain the interethnic variation in insulin sensitivity among asian ethnicity: the singapore adults metabolism studyKhoo C.M. ; Khee-Shing Leow M. ; Sadananthan S.A. ; Lim R.; Venkataraman K. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Velan S.S. ; Ong Y.T.; Kambadur R.; McFarlane C.; Gluckman P.D.; Lee Y.S. ; Chong Y.S. ; Tai E.S. 
41-Feb-2015Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus Using HbA1c in Asians: Relationship Between HbA1c and Retinopathy in a Multiethnic Asian PopulationSabanayagam, Charumathi ; Khoo, Eric YH ; Lye, Weng Kit ; Ikram, M Kamran ; Lamoureux, Ecosse L ; Cheng, Ching Yu ; Tan, Maudrene LS ; Salim, Agus ; Lee, Jeannette ; Lim, Su-Chi ; Tavintharan, Subramaniam; Thai, Ah-Chuan ; Heng, Derrick; Ma, Stefan; Tai, E Shyong ; Wong, Tien Y 
52015Ethnic differences in insulin sensitivity and beta-cell function among Asian menTan, V.M.H; Lee, Y.S ; Venkataraman, K ; Khoo, E.Y.H ; Tai, E.S ; Chong, Y.S ; Gluckman, P; Leow, M.K.S ; Khoo, C.M 
62015Ethnic differences in the role of adipocytokines linking abdominal adiposity and insulin sensitivity among AsiansRizi E.P.; Teo Y. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Venkataraman K.; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Yeo C.R.; Chan E. ; Song T.; Sadananthan S.A.; Velan S.S.; Gluckman P.D.; Lee Y.S.; Chong Y.S.; Tai E.S.; Toh S.-A.; Khoo C.M.
72018Ethnicity-Specific Skeletal Muscle Transcriptional Signatures and Their Relevance to Insulin Resistance in SingaporeTan A.L.M. ; Langley S.R. ; Tan C.F.; Chai J.F. ; Khoo C.M. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Moreno-Moral A. ; Pravenec M.; Rotival M.; Sadananthan S.A. ; Velan S.S. ; Venkataraman K. ; Chong Y.S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Sim X. ; Stunkel W.; Liu M.H. ; Tai E.S. ; Petretto E. 
823-Jun-2017Factors associated with diabetes-related distress over time among patients with T2DM in a tertiary hospital in SingaporeTan, ML ; Tan, CS ; Griva, K ; Lee, YS ; Lee, J ; Tai, ES ; Khoo, EY ; Wee, HL 
92020Fall Risk and Balance Confidence in Patients With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: An Observational StudyRiandini, T.; Khoo, E.Y.H. ; Tai, B.C. ; Tavintharan, S.; Phua, M.S.L.A.; Chandran, K.; Hwang, S.W.; Venkataraman, K. 
1028-Nov-2017Functional status mediates the association between peripheral neuropathy and health-related quality of life in individuals with diabetesTessa Riandini; Hwee Lin Wee ; Eric Y. H. Khoo ; Bee Choo Tai ; Wilson Wang ; Gerald C. H. Koh ; E. Shyong Tai ; Subramaniam Tavintharan; Kurumbian Chandran; Siew Wai Hwang; Kavita Venkataraman 
112015Improving outcomes in patients with coexisting multimorbid conditions-the development and evaluation of the combined diabetes and renal control trial (C-DIRECT): Study protocolGriva K. ; Mooppil N.; Khoo E. ; Lee V.Y.W. ; Kang A.W.C.; Newman S.P.
122019Large-scale lipidomics identifies associations between plasma sphingolipids and T2DM incidenceChew, Wee Siong ; Torta, Federico ; Ji, Shanshan ; Choi, Hyungwon ; Begum, Husna; Sim, Xueling ; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Khoo, Eric Yin Hao ; Ong, Wei-Yi ; Van Dam, Rob M; Wenk, Markus R ; Tai, E Shyong ; Herr, Deron R 
131-Jan-2021Long-term outcomes of ischaemic stroke patients with diabetes in a multi-ethnic cohort in SingaporeThe, Ei Zune; Ng, Mei Yen ; Ng, Geelyn JL ; Er, Bernadette GC ; Quek, Amy ML ; Paliwal, Prakash ; Yeo, Leonard L ; Chan, Bernard PL; Sharma, Vijay K ; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Khoo, Eric YH ; Seet, Raymond CS 
1411-Jul-2016Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions in Singapore – Exploring the Perspectives and Experiences of Family Caregivers of Patients with Diabetes and End Stage Renal Disease on HaemodialysisVanessa Lee ; Wei Ying Seah; Augustine Kang; Eric Khoo ; Nandakumar Mooppil; Konstadina Griva 
1517-Apr-2019Measurement equivalence of the English, Chinese and Malay versions of the World Health Organization quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF) questionnairesCheung, YB ; Yeo, KK ; Chong, KJ ; Khoo, EYH ; Wee, HL 
162016Psychometric analysis of an eating behaviour questionnaire for an overweight and obese Chinese population in SingaporeChong M.F.-F. ; Ayob M.N.M.; Chong K.J. ; Tai E.-S. ; Khoo C.M. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Tham K.W. ; Venkataraman K. ; Meaney M.J. ; Wee H.L. ; Khoo E.Y.-H. 
172015Psychometric properties of the problem areas in diabetes (PAID) instrument in SingaporeVenkataraman K. ; Tan L.S.M. ; Bautista D.C.T. ; Griva K. ; Zuniga Y.L.M. ; Amir M.; Lee Y.S. ; Lee J. ; Tai E.S. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Wee H.L. 
1820-Feb-2018Risk factors and direct medical cost of early versus late unplanned readmissions among diabetes patients at a tertiary hospital in SingaporeMay Ee Png ; Joanne Yoong ; Cynthia Chen ; CS Tan ; E-Shyong Tai ; Eric Yin Hao Khoo ; Hwee Lin Wee 
192020Robust estimation of the effect of an exposure on the change in a continuous outcomeNing, Y.; St鴈r, N.C.; Ho, P.J. ; Kao, S.L. ; Ngiam, K.Y. ; Khoo, E.Y.H. ; Lee, S.C. ; Tai, E.-S. ; Hartman, M. ; Reilly, M.; Tan, C.S. 
202016Smaller size of high metabolic rate organs explains lower resting energy expenditure in Asian-Indian Than Chinese menSong L.L.T.; Venkataraman K. ; Gluckman P. ; Chong Y.S. ; Chee M.-W.L. ; Khoo C.M. ; Leow M.-K.S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Tai E.S. ; Khoo E.Y.H.