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Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
Henry, Christiani Jeyakumar Eyakumar
Henry C.J.
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12016A comparison of practices during the confinement period among Chinese, Malay, and Indian mothers in SingaporeFok D.; Aris I.M. ; Ho J.; Lim S.B. ; Chua M.C. ; Pang W.W. ; Saw S.-M. ; Kwek K. ; Godfrey K.M.; Kramer M.S.; Chong Y.S. ; the GUSTO Study Group; Agarwal P.; Biswas A.; Bong C.L.; Broekman B.F.P. ; Cai S. ; Chan J.K.Y. ; Chan Y.H. ; Chen H.Y.H.; Cheung Y.B. ; Chia A.; Chinnadurai A.; Chng C.K.; Chong M.F.-F. ; Chong S.C.; Ding C.M.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Fortier M.V. ; Goh A.E.N. ; Goh Y.T.D.; Gooley J.J.; Han W.M.; Hanson M.; Henry C.J. ; Holbrook J.D.; Hsu C.-Y. ; Inskip H.; Kapur J.; Lau I.Y.-M.; Lee B.W. ; Lee Y.S. ; Lek N. ; Low Y.-L.; Magiati I.; Daniel L.M.; Meaney M.; Ngo C.; Naiduvaje K.; Qiu A. ; Quah B.L.; Rajadurai V.S. ; Rauff M.; Rebello S.A.; Richmond J.L.; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Sheppard A.; Shuter B.; Singh L.; Stunkel W.; Su L.L.; Tan K.H. ; Teoh O.H. ; Tint M.T. ; van Bever H.P.S. ; Wong I.B.Y.; Wong P.C.; Yap F. ; Yeo G.S.H.
22020A Feedforward Loop within the Thyroid-Brown Fat Axis Facilitates ThermoregulationSun L.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Sun L.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
36-Jan-2021A glycaemic index compendium of non-western foodsHenry, Christiani Jeyakumar ; Quek, Rina Yu Chin; Kaur, Bhupinder; Shyam, Sangeetha; Singh, Harvinder Kaur Gilcharan
42017A low glycaemic index diet incorporating isomaltulose is associated with lower glycaemic response and variability, and promotes fat oxidation in asiansHenry, C.J ; Kaur, B; Quek, R.Y.C; Camps, S.G
52017A new method of infrared thermography for quantification of brown adipose tissue activation in healthy adults (TACTICAL): a randomized trialAng, Q.Y; Goh, H.J; Cao, Y; Li, Y; Chan, S.-P ; Swain, J.L ; Henry, C.J ; Leow, M.K.-S 
62020A novel approach to structure plant-based yogurts using high pressure processingSim, S.Y.J.; Hua, X.Y.; Henry, C.J. 
72014A randomized controlled trial to investigate the impact of a low glycemic index (GI) diet on body mass index in obese adolescentsKong A.P.; Choi K.C.; Chan R.S.; Lok K.; Ozaki R.; Li A.M.; Ho C.S.; Chan M.H.; Sea M.; Henry C.J. ; Chan J.C.; Woo J.
823-Dec-2021Acrylamide Contents of Local Snacks in SingaporeYeo, Michelle Ting Yun; Bi, Xinyan; Henry, Christiani Jeyakumar 
92018Acute effect of Clitoria ternatea flower beverage on glycemic response and antioxidant capacity in healthy subjects: A randomized crossover trialChusak, C; Thilavech, T; Henry, C.J ; Adisakwattana, S
102019Are α-tocopherol levels associated with improved glycaemia?Bi, X. ; Loo, Y.T.; Yeo, P.L.Q.; Henry, C.J. 
112019Association Between Early Life Weight Gain and Abdominal Fat Partitioning at 4.5 Years is Sex, Ethnicity, and Age DependentSadananthan S.A. ; Tint M.T. ; Michael N.; Aris I.M. ; Loy S.L. ; Lee K.J.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Yap F.K.P. ; Tan K.H. ; Godfrey K.M.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Kramer M.S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Chong Y.S. ; Karnani N. ; Henry C.J. ; Fortier M.V. ; Velan S.S. 
122018Association between maternal mid-gestation vitamin D status and neonatal abdominal adiposityTint M.T. ; Chong M.F. ; Aris I.M.; Godfrey K.M.; Quah P.L. ; Kapur J. ; Saw S.M. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Rajadurai V.S. ; Yap F. ; Kramer M.S. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Henry C.J. ; Fortier M.V. ; Lee Y.S. 
132018Association of insulin resistance with bone strength and bone turnover in menopausal Chinese-singaporean women without diabetesKalimeri, M ; Leek, F ; Wang, N.X; Koh, H.R; Roy, N.C; Cameron-Smith, D; Kruger, M.C; Henry, C.J ; Totman, J.J 
142018Association of plasma lipids and polar metabolites with low bone mineral density in Singaporean-Chinese menopausal women: A pilot studyCabrera, D; Kruger, M; Wolber, F.M; Roy, N.C; Totman, J.J ; Henry, C.J ; Cameron-Smith, D; Fraser, K
152019Associations between circulating fatty acid levels and metabolic risk factorsBi, X.; Yeo, P.L.Q.; Loo, Y.T.; Henry, C.J. 
162019Basal metabolic rate and body composition predict habitual food and macronutrient intakes: Gender differencesBi, X.; Forde, C.G. ; Goh, A.T; Henry, C.J. 
172018Body composition measurement in young children using quantitative magnetic resonance: a comparison with air displacement plethysmographyChen L.-W. ; Tint M.-T. ; Fortier M.V. ; Aris I.M. ; Shek L.P.-C. ; Tan K.H. ; Rajadurai V.S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Godfrey K.M.; Kramer M.S.; Henry C.J. ; Yap F. ; Lee Y.S. 
182018Body fat measurements in Singaporean adults using four methodsBi, X; Loo, Y.T; Henry, C.J 
191-Dec-2021Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplementation to a Hypocaloric Diet Does Not Affect Resting Metabolic Rate but Increases Postprandial Fat Oxidation Response in Overweight and Obese Adults after Weight Loss InterventionOoi, Delicia Shu Qin ; Ling, Jennifer Qiu Rong; Ong, Fang Yi; Tai, E Shyong ; Henry, Christiani Jeyakumar ; Leow, Melvin Khee Shing ; Khoo, Eric Yin Hao ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Chong, Mary Foong Fong ; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Lee, Yung Seng 
201-Apr-2021Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation Does Not Preserve Lean Mass or Affect Metabolic Profile in Adults with Overweight or Obesity in a Randomized Controlled Weight Loss InterventionOoi, Delicia SQ ; Ling, Jennifer QR; Sadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Velan, S Sendhil; Ong, Fang Yi; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Tai, E Shyong ; Henry, Christiani Jeyakumar ; Leow, Melvin KS ; Khoo, Eric YH ; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Chong, Mary FF