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Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
Henry, Christiani Jeyakumar Eyakumar
Henry C.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A Feedforward Loop within the Thyroid-Brown Fat Axis Facilitates ThermoregulationSun L.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Sun L.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
22017A low glycaemic index diet incorporating isomaltulose is associated with lower glycaemic response and variability, and promotes fat oxidation in asiansHenry, C.J ; Kaur, B; Quek, R.Y.C; Camps, S.G
32017A new method of infrared thermography for quantification of brown adipose tissue activation in healthy adults (TACTICAL): a randomized trialAng, Q.Y; Goh, H.J; Cao, Y; Li, Y; Chan, S.-P ; Swain, J.L ; Henry, C.J ; Leow, M.K.-S 
42014A randomized controlled trial to investigate the impact of a low glycemic index (GI) diet on body mass index in obese adolescentsKong A.P.; Choi K.C.; Chan R.S.; Lok K.; Ozaki R.; Li A.M.; Ho C.S.; Chan M.H.; Sea M.; Henry C.J. ; Chan J.C.; Woo J.
52018Acute effect of Clitoria ternatea flower beverage on glycemic response and antioxidant capacity in healthy subjects: A randomized crossover trialChusak, C; Thilavech, T; Henry, C.J ; Adisakwattana, S
62019Association Between Early Life Weight Gain and Abdominal Fat Partitioning at 4.5 Years is Sex, Ethnicity, and Age DependentSadananthan S.A. ; Tint M.T. ; Michael N.; Aris I.M. ; Loy S.L. ; Lee K.J.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Yap F.K.P. ; Tan K.H. ; Godfrey K.M.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Kramer M.S. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Chong Y.S. ; Karnani N. ; Henry C.J. ; Fortier M.V. ; Velan S.S. 
72018Association between maternal mid-gestation vitamin D status and neonatal abdominal adiposityTint M.T. ; Chong M.F. ; Aris I.M.; Godfrey K.M.; Quah P.L. ; Kapur J. ; Saw S.M. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Rajadurai V.S. ; Yap F. ; Kramer M.S. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Henry C.J. ; Fortier M.V. ; Lee Y.S. 
82018Association of insulin resistance with bone strength and bone turnover in menopausal Chinese-singaporean women without diabetesKalimeri, M ; Leek, F ; Wang, N.X; Koh, H.R; Roy, N.C; Cameron-Smith, D; Kruger, M.C; Henry, C.J ; Totman, J.J 
92018Association of plasma lipids and polar metabolites with low bone mineral density in Singaporean-Chinese menopausal women: A pilot studyCabrera, D; Kruger, M; Wolber, F.M; Roy, N.C; Totman, J.J ; Henry, C.J ; Cameron-Smith, D; Fraser, K
102018Body fat measurements in Singaporean adults using four methodsBi, X; Loo, Y.T; Henry, C.J 
112019Brown Adipose Tissue: Multimodality Evaluation by PET, MRI, Infrared Thermography, and Whole-Body Calorimetry (TACTICAL-II)Sun L.; Verma S.; Michael N.; Chan S.P. ; Yan J.; Sadananthan S.A.; Camps S.G.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Totman J. ; Townsend D. ; Goh J.P.-N.; Sun L. ; Boehm B.O.; Lim S.C.; Sze S.K.; Henry C.J. ; Hu H.H.; Velan S.S. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
122020Brown fat activity determined by infrared thermography and thermogenesis measurement using whole body calorimetry (bright study)Tay S.H.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Cheng J.; Camps S.G.J.A.; Haldar S.; Velan S.S. ; Sun L. ; Li Y.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
132018Capsinoids activate brown adipose tissue (BAT) with increased energy expenditure associated with subthreshold 18-fluorine fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in BAT-positive humans confirmed by positron emission tomography scanSun L.; Camps S.G.; Goh H.J.; Govindharajulu P.; Schaefferkoetter J.D.; Townsend D.W.; Verma S.K.; Velan S.S. ; Sun L. ; Sze S.K.; Lim S.C.; Boehm B.O.; Henry C.J. ; Leow M.K.-S. 
142018Co-ingestion of rice bran soymilk or plain soymilk with white bread: Effects on the glycemic and insulinemic responseCamps, S.G; Lim, J; Ishikado, A; Inaba, Y; Suwa, M; Matsumoto, M; Henry, C.J 
152016Combination of soya protein and polydextrose reduces energy intake and glycaemic response via modulation of gastric emptying rate, ghrelin and glucagon-like peptide-1 in ChineseSoong Y.Y.; Lim W.X.; Leow M.K.S. ; Siow P.C.; Teh A.L.; Henry C.J. 
162016Correlation of adiposity indices with cardiovascular disease risk factors in healthy adults of Singapore: A crosssectional studyBi, X; Tey, S.L; Leong, C; Quek, R; Loo, Y.T; Henry, C.J 
1728-Aug-2019Determinants of intramyocellular lipid accumulation in early childhoodMichael N; Gupta V; Sadananthan SA ; Sampathkumar A ; Chen L; Pan H; Tint MT ; Lee KJ; Loy SL ; Aris IM ; Shek LP ; Yap FKP ; Godfrey KM; Leow MK ; Lee YS ; Kramer MS ; Henry CJ ; Fortier MV ; Seng Chong Y ; Gluckman PD ; Karnani N ; Velan SS 
182017Does the ingestion of a 24 hour low glycaemic index Asian mixed meal diet improve glycaemic response and promote fat oxidation? A controlled, randomized cross-over studyCamps, S.G; Kaur, B; Quek, R.Y.C; Henry, C.J 
1920-Jul-2018Dose-dependent increase in unconjugated cinnamic acid concentration in plasma following acute consumption of polyphenol rich curry in the polyspice studyHaldar, S; Lee, SH; Tan, JJ; Chia, SC; Henry, CJ ; Chan, ECY 
202014Effect of chicken, fat and vegetable on glycaemia and insulinaemia to a white rice-based meal in healthy adultsSun L. ; Ranawana D.V.; Leow M.K.-S. ; Henry C.J.