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Judith Lea Swain
Swain, J.L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2009A neuroscience approach to optimizing brain resources for human performance in extreme environmentsPaulus, M.P.; Potterat, E.G.; Taylor, M.K.; Van Orden, K.F.; Bauman, J.; Momen, N.; Padilla, G.A.; Swain, J.L. 
22017A new method of infrared thermography for quantification of brown adipose tissue activation in healthy adults (TACTICAL): a randomized trialAng, Q.Y; Goh, H.J; Cao, Y; Li, Y; Chan, S.-P ; Swain, J.L ; Henry, C.J ; Leow, M.K.-S 
37-Mar-2012Altered insula activation in anticipation of changing emotional states: Neural mechanisms underlying cognitive flexibility in special operations forces personnelSimmons, A.N.; Fitzpatrick, S.; Strigo, I.A.; Potterat, E.G.; Johnson, D.C.; Matthews, S.C.; Van Orden, K.F.; Swain, J.L. ; Paulus, M.P.
4Feb-2014Detecting emotion in others: Increased insula and decreased medial prefrontal cortex activation during emotion processing in elite adventure racersThom, N.J.; Johnson, D.C.; Flagan, T.; Simmons, A.N.; Kotturi, S.A.; Van Orden, K.F.; Potterat, E.G.; Swain, J.L. ; Paulus, M.P.
52010Differential brain activation to angry faces by elite warfighters: Neural processing evidence for enhanced threat detectionPaulus, M.P.; Simmons, A.N.; Fitzpatrick, S.N.; Potterat, E.G.; van Orden, K.F.; Bauman, J.; Swain, J.L. 
63-Nov-2008Our United States legacy: Lessons learned from the British EmpireSwain, J.L. 
719-Jan-2012Subjecting elite athletes to inspiratory breathing load reveals behavioral and neural signatures of optimal performers in extreme environmentsPaulus, M.P.; Flagan, T.; Simmons, A.N.; Gillis, K.; Kotturi, S.; Thom, N.; Johnson, D.C.; van Orden, K.F.; Davenport, P.W.; Swain, J.L. 
82010Systems neuroscience approaches to measure brain mechanisms underlying resilience-towards optimizing performancePaulus, M.P.; Simmons, A.N.; Potterat, E.G.; Van Orden, K.F.; Swain, J.L.