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Title: A comparison of practices during the confinement period among Chinese, Malay, and Indian mothers in Singapore
Authors: Fok D.
Aris I.M. 
Ho J.
Lim S.B. 
Chua M.C. 
Pang W.W. 
Saw S.-M. 
Kwek K. 
Godfrey K.M.
Kramer M.S.
Chong Y.S. 
the GUSTO Study Group
Agarwal P.
Biswas A.
Bong C.L.
Broekman B.F.P. 
Cai S. 
Chan J.K.Y. 
Chan Y.H. 
Chen H.Y.H.
Cheung Y.B. 
Chia A.
Chinnadurai A.
Chng C.K.
Chong M.F.-F. 
Chong S.C.
Ding C.M.
Finkelstein E.A. 
Fortier M.V. 
Goh A.E.N. 
Goh Y.T.D.
Gooley J.J.
Han W.M.
Hanson M.
Henry C.J. 
Holbrook J.D.
Hsu C.-Y. 
Inskip H.
Kapur J.
Lau I.Y.-M.
Lee B.W. 
Lee Y.S. 
Lek N. 
Low Y.-L.
Magiati I.
Daniel L.M.
Meaney M.
Ngo C.
Naiduvaje K.
Qiu A. 
Quah B.L.
Rajadurai V.S. 
Rauff M.
Rebello S.A.
Richmond J.L.
Rifkin-Graboi A.
Shek L.P.-C. 
Sheppard A.
Shuter B.
Singh L.
Stunkel W.
Su L.L.
Tan K.H. 
Teoh O.H. 
Tint M.T. 
van Bever H.P.S. 
Wong I.B.Y.
Wong P.C.
Yap F. 
Yeo G.S.H.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Fok D., Aris I.M., Ho J., Lim S.B., Chua M.C., Pang W.W., Saw S.-M., Kwek K., Godfrey K.M., Kramer M.S., Chong Y.S., the GUSTO Study Group, Agarwal P., Biswas A., Bong C.L., Broekman B.F.P., Cai S., Chan J.K.Y., Chan Y.H., Chen H.Y.H., Cheung Y.B., Chia A., Chinnadurai A., Chng C.K., Chong M.F.-F., Chong S.C., Ding C.M., Finkelstein E.A., Fortier M.V., Goh A.E.N., Goh Y.T.D., Gooley J.J., Han W.M., Hanson M., Henry C.J., Holbrook J.D., Hsu C.-Y., Inskip H., Kapur J., Lau I.Y.-M., Lee B.W., Lee Y.S., Lek N., Low Y.-L., Magiati I., Daniel L.M., Meaney M., Ngo C., Naiduvaje K., Qiu A., Quah B.L., Rajadurai V.S., Rauff M., Rebello S.A., Richmond J.L., Rifkin-Graboi A., Shek L.P.-C., Sheppard A., Shuter B., Singh L., Stunkel W., Su L.L., Tan K.H., Teoh O.H., Tint M.T., van Bever H.P.S., Wong I.B.Y., Wong P.C., Yap F., Yeo G.S.H. (2016/09/01). A comparison of practices during the confinement period among Chinese, Malay, and Indian mothers in Singapore. Birth 43 (3) : 247-254. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: Birth
ISSN: 07307659
DOI: 10.1111/birt.12233
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