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Eric Andrew Finkelstein
Finkelstein, E.
Finkelstein, Eric Andrew
Finkelstein, E.A.
Fin-Kelstein, Eric
Fin-Kelstein, E.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A cost-minimization analysis of tissue-engineered constructs for corneal endothelial transplantationTan T.-E.; Peh G.S.L.; George B.L.; Cajucom-Uy H.Y.; Dong D.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Mehta J.S.
2Dec-2009A longitudinal study on the relationship between weight loss, medical expenditures, and absenteeism among overweight employees in the WAY to health studyFinkelstein, E.A. ; Linnan, L.A.; Tate, D.F.; Leese, P.J.
32011Adolescent weight status and self-reported school performance in South KoreaDo, Y.K. ; Finkelstein, E.A. 
42015Behaviour change strategies for reducing blood pressure-related disease burden: Findings from a global implementation research programmePeiris D.; Thompson S.R.; Beratarrechea A.; Cárdenas, M.K.; Diez-Canseco F.; Goudge J.; Gyamfi J.; Kamano J.H.; Irazola V.; Johnson C.; Kengne A.P.; Keat N.K.; Miranda J.J.; Mohan S.; Mukasa B.; Ng E.; Nieuwlaat R.; Ogedegbe O.; Ovbiagele B.; Plange-Rhule J.; Praveen D.; Salam A.; Thorogood M.; Thrift A.G.; Vedanthan R.; Waddy S.P.; Webster J.; Webster R.; Yeates K.; Yusoff K.; Featherstone A.; McCready T.; Jan S.; Chow C.; Neal B.; Gómez-Olivé F.X.; Myakayaka N.; Kabudula C.; Limbani F.; Masilela N.; Thorogoo M.; Rodgers A.; Stephen Jan Patel; Joshi R.; MacMahon S.; Maulik P.; Bernabe-Ortiz A.; Jaime Miranda J.; Ponce-Lucero V.; Kimaiyo S.; Kofler C.; Gebregziabher M.; Warth S.; Waddy S.; Attaran A.; Yaya S.; Mills E.; Muldoon K.; de Villiers A.; Featherstone a.; Forrest J.; Kalyesubula R.; Kamwesiga J.; Lopez P.C.; Tayari J.-C.; Lopez P.; Casas J.L.; McKee M.; Zainal A.O.; Yusuf S.; Campbell N.; Kilonzo K.; Liu P.; Marr M.; Tobe S.; Feng X.; Yuan J.; He F.; MacGregor G.; Li X.; Wu Y.; Yan L.; Lin C.-P.; Zhang J.; Ma J.; Ma Y.; Wang H.; Nowson C.; Moodie M.; Kalyanram K.; Kartik K.; Sudhir T.; Evans R.; Arabshahi S.; Mahal A.; Heritier S.; Oldenburg B.; Riddell M.; Srikanth V.; Suresh O.; Thankappan K.; Thirunavukkarasu S.; Varma R.; Thomas N.; Clifford G.; Prabhakaran D.; Thom S.; Krishnan A.; Srinath Reddy K.; Faletoese S.; Ieremia M.; Schultz J.; Siitia J.; Snowdon W.; Pillay A.; Sukhu A.; Ulberg C.; Viali S.; Gilman R.H.; Sacksteder K.; Apusiga K.; Cooper R.; Ntim M.; Binanay C.; Bloomfield G.; Velazquez E.; DeLong A.; Hogan J.; Finkelstein E. ; Fuster V.; Inui T.; Were M.; Menya D.; Naanyu V.; Rotich J.; Augustovski F.; Chen J.; Chemg J.; Dolan J.; He J.; Mills K.; Shi L.; Webber L.; Krousel-Wood M.; Poggio r.; Rubinstein A.; Akinyemi R.; Arulogun O.; Owolabi M.; Hurst S.; Uvere E.
515-Jul-2010Cancer treatment cost in the United States: Has the burden shifted over time?Tangka, F.K.; Trogdon, J.G.; Richardson, L.C.; Howard, D.; Sabatino, S.A.; Finkelstein, E.A. 
62015Comparing the effectiveness of selective laser trabeculoplasty with topical medication as initial treatment (the Glaucoma Initial Treatment Study): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialLamoureux E.L. ; Mcintosh R.; Constantinou M.; Fenwick E.K.; Xie J.; Casson R.; Finkelstein E. ; Goldberg I.; Healey P.; Thomas R.; Ang G.S.; Pesudovs K.; Crowston J.
7Aug-2009Cost effectiveness of internet interventions: Review and recommendationsTate, D.F.; Finkelstein, E.A. ; Khavjou, O.; Gustafson, A.
8Dec-2012Cost-effectiveness of an injury and drowning prevention program in BangladeshRahman, F.; Bose, S.; Linnan, M.; Rahman, A.; Mashreky, S.; Haaland, B. ; Finkelstein, E. 
915-Feb-2012Cost-effectiveness of epidermal growth factor receptor mutation testing and first-line treatment with gefitinib for patients with advanced adenocarcinoma of the lungDe Lima Lopes Jr., G.; Segel, J.E.; Tan, D.S.W.; Do, Y.K. ; Mok, T.; Finkelstein, E.A. 
102015Design and baseline characteristics of participants in the TRial of Economic Incentives to Promote Physical Activity (TRIPPA): A randomized controlled trial of a six month pedometer program with financial incentivesFinkelstein, Eric Andrew ; Aarti Sahasranaman ; John Geraldine; Benjamin Adam Haaland ; Marcel Bilger ; Sloan, Robert A.; Nang, Ei Ei Khaing; Evenson, Kelly R.
11Nov-2013Designing and implementing a comparative effectiveness study of two strategies for delivering high quality CHD prevention: Methods and participant characteristics for the Heart to Health studySheridan, S.L.; Draeger, L.B.; Pignone, M.P.; Sloane, P.D.; Samuel-Hodge, C.; Finkelstein, E.A. ; Gizlice, Z.; Vu, M.B.; Gitterman, D.P.; Bangdiwala, S.I.; Donahue, K.E.; Evenson, K.; Ammerman, A.S.; Keyserling, T.C.
12Sep-2011Direct and indirect costs and potential cost savings of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding among obese patients with diabetesFinkelstein, E.A. ; Allaire, B.T.; Dibonaventura, M.D.; Burgess, S.M.
13Nov-2010Does cost savings mean cost effective?Finkelstein, E.A. ; Segel, J.E.
142019Early childcare enrollment and childhood wheezing phenotypesTham E.H. ; Tan P.T. ; Loo E.X.L. ; Goh A.E.N. ; Teoh O.H.; Yap F. ; Tan K.H.; Godfrey K.M.; Van Bever H.P.S. ; Lee B.W. ; Finkelstein E.A. ; Chong Y.S. ; Shek L.P.-C. 
1520-Jun-2012Effect of a stepped-care intervention approach on weight loss in adults: A randomized clinical trialJakicic, J.M.; Tate, D.F.; Lang, W.; Davis, K.K.; Polzien, K.; Rickman, A.D.; Erickson, K.; Neiberg, R.H.; Finkelstein, E.A. 
1610-Feb-2014Effects of financial incentives on motivating physical activity among older adults: Results from a discrete choice experimentFarooqui, M.A. ; Tan, Y.-T. ; Bilger, M. ; Finkelstein, E.A. 
17Mar-2011Estimates of national health care expenditures associated with disabilityAnderson, W.L.; Wiener, J.M.; Finkelstein, E.A. ; Armour, B.S.
182014Ethnic differences translate to inadequacy of high-risk screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in an Asian population: A cohort studyChong Y.-S. ; Cai S. ; Lin H.; Soh S.E. ; Lee Y.-S. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Chan Y.-H. ; Chen L.; Holbrook J.D.; Tan K.-H.; Rajadurai V.S.; Yeo G.S.H.; Kramer M.S. ; Saw S.-M. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Godfrey K.M.; Kwek K.; Agarwal P.; Biswas A. ; Bong C.L.; Broekman B.F.P.; Yen Chan J.K. ; Chee C.Y.I.; Chen H.Y.H. ; Cheung Y.B. ; Chia A.; Chinnadurai A.; Chng C.K.; Chong M.-F.-F. ; Chong S.C. ; Chua M.C.; Ding C.M.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Fok D.; Fortier M.; Goh A.E.N.; Goh Y.T.D. ; Gooley J.J. ; Han W.M.; Hanson M.; Henry C.J. ; Hsu C.-Y. ; Inskip H.; Kapur J. ; Lau I.Y.-M.; Lee B.W. ; Lek N.; Lim S.K.; Low Y.-L.; Magiati I. ; Daniel L.M.; Meaney M.; Ngo C.; Naiduvaje K.; Pang W.W. ; Qiu A. ; Quah B.L.; Rauff M.; Rebello S.A. ; Richmond J.L.; Rifkin-Graboi A.; Shek L.P.-C. ; Sheppard A.; Shuter B.; Singh L. ; Stunkel W.; Su L.L. ; Teoh O.H.; Tint M.T. ; van Bever H.P.S. ; van Dam R.B. ; Wong I.B.Y. ; Wong P.C.; Yap F. 
191-Apr-2012Experimental research on the relation between food price changes and food-purchasing patterns: A targeted reviewEpstein, L.H.; Jankowiak, N.; Nederkoorn, C.; Raynor, H.A.; French, S.A.; Finkelstein, E. 
201-Mar-2019Family dynamics in a multi-ethnic Asian society: comparison of elderly CKD patients and their family caregivers experience with medical decision making for managing end stage kidney diseaseOzdemir, Semra ; Jafar, Tazeen H ; Choong, Lina Hui Lin ; Finkelstein, Eric Andrew