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Marcel Bilger
Bilger, M.


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12015Design and baseline characteristics of participants in the TRial of Economic Incentives to Promote Physical Activity (TRIPPA): A randomized controlled trial of a six month pedometer program with financial incentivesFinkelstein, Eric Andrew ; Aarti Sahasranaman ; John Geraldine; Benjamin Adam Haaland ; Marcel Bilger ; Sloan, Robert A.; Nang, Ei Ei Khaing; Evenson, Kelly R.
210-Feb-2014Effects of financial incentives on motivating physical activity among older adults: Results from a discrete choice experimentFarooqui, M.A. ; Tan, Y.-T. ; Bilger, M. ; Finkelstein, E.A. 
3Jan-2013Health in the cities: When the neighborhood matters more than incomeBilger, M. ; Carrieri, V.
4Jan-2013Implications of a sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) tax when substitutions to non-beverage items are consideredFinkelstein, E.A. ; Zhen, C.; Bilger, M. ; Nonnemaker, J.; Farooqui, A.M. ; Todd, J.E.
5Jan-2015Measuring overfitting in nonlinear models: A new method and an application to health expendituresBilger, M. ; Manning, W.G.
62014Monitoring and Evaluating Progress towards Universal Health Coverage in SingaporeTan K.B.; Tan W.S.; Bilger M. ; Ho C.W.L. 
72019Patients' experiences on accessing health care services for management of hypertension in rural Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka: A qualitative studyLegido-Quigley H. ; Naheed A.; Asita De Silva H.; Jehan I.; Haldane V. ; Cobb B.; Tavajoh S. ; Chakma N.; Kasturiratne A.; Siddiqui S.; Jafar T.H. ; Clemens J.D.; Hasnat M.; Hameed A.; Khan A.Z.; Ranasinha C.; Fin-Kelstein E. ; Bilger M. ; Pryseley A. ; Gandhi M. ; Ebrahim S.; Turner E.
82016Study on Incentives for Glaucoma Medication Adherence (SIGMA): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial to increase glaucoma medication adherence using value pricingBilger M. ; Wong T.T.; Howard K.L. ; Lee J.Y.; Toh A.N.; John G.; Lamoureux E.L. ; Finkelstein E.A. 
9Jun-2013The effect of weight loss on health, productivity, and medical expenditures among overweight employeesBilger, M. ; Finkelstein, E.A. ; Kruger, E. ; Tate, D.F.; Linnan, L.A.