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Weng Seng Warren Fong


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122-May-2021A systematic scoping review of approaches to teaching and assessing empathy in medicineZhou, Yi Cheng; Tan, Shien Ru; Tan, Chester Guan Hao; Ng, Matthew Song Peng; Lim, Kia Hui; Tan, Lorraine Hui En; Ong, Yun Ting; Cheong, Clarissa Wei Shuen; Chin, Annelissa Mien Chew ; Chiam, Min; Chia, Elisha Wan Ying; Lim, Crystal ; Wijaya, Limin ; Chowdhury, Anupama Roy; Kwek, Jin Wei ; Fong, Warren ; Somasundaram, Nagavalli ; Ong, Eng Koon ; Mason, Stephen; Krishna, Lalit Kumar Radha 
22018Anti-hypertensive medications and injurious falls in an older population of low socioeconomic status: A nested case-control studyBanu, Z; Lim, K.K; Kwan, Y.H; Yap, K.Z ; Ang, H.T; Tan, C.S ; Fong, W ; Thumboo, J ; Lee, K.H ; Ostbye, T ; Low, L.L 
31-Aug-2022Approaches to improving symptom appraisal: a systematic literature reviewXiang, Ling ; Yoon, Sungwon; Low, Andrea HL ; Leung, Ying Ying ; Fong, Warren ; Lau, Tang Ching ; Koh, Dow Rhoon ; Thumboo, Julian 
414-Jul-2020Assessment of medical professionalism using the Professionalism Mini Evaluation Exercise (P-MEX) in a multi-ethnic society: A Delphi studyFong, W. ; Kwan, Y.H.; Yoon, S.; Phang, J.K.; Thumboo, J. ; Leung, Y.Y. ; Ng, S.C. 
61-Jul-2019Association between access to health-promoting facilities and participation in cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk screening among populations with low socioeconomic status (SES) in SingaporeLim, Ka Keat; Lim, Charmaine; Kwan Yu Heng; Chan Sui Yung ; Fong, Warren ; Low, Lian Leng ; Tay, Hung Yong; Østbye, Truls ; Tan Chuen Seng 
72020Development of an item bank to measure medication adherence: Systematic reviewKwan, Y.H. ; Yi Oo, L.J.; Fang Loh, D.H.; Phang, J.K.; Weng, S.D.; Blalock, D.V.; Chew, Eng Hui; Yap, K.Z. ; Koon Tan, C.Y.; Yoon, S. ; Fong, W. ; Østbye, T. ; Low, L.L.; Bosworth, H.B.; Thumboo, J. 
82019Evaluation of mobile apps targeted at patients with spondyloarthritis for disease monitoring: Systematic app searchKwan, Y.H.; Ong, W.J.; Xiong, M.; Leung, Y.Y. ; Phang, J.K.; Wang, C.T.M.; Fong, W. 
94-Feb-2021Exploring the Prevalence and Factors Associated With Fatigue in Axial Spondyloarthritis in an Asian Cohort in SingaporeLim, Wei Ze; Fong, Warren ; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Leung, Ying Ying 
101-Jan-2021F-18-FDG PET/CT Manifestations of IgG4-related DiseaseTang, Charlene Yu Lin; Chua, Wei Ming; Cheng, Lenith Tai Jit; Fong, Warren ; Zaheer, Sumbul ; Lam, Winnie Wing-Chuen 
117-Jul-2021Interval between symptom onset and diagnosis among patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases in a multi-ethnic Asian populationXiang, Ling; Low, Andrea Hsiu Ling ; Leung, Ying Ying ; Fong, Warren ; Gandhi, Mihir; Yoon, Sungwon; Lau, Tang Ching ; Koh, Dow Rhoon ; Thumboo, Julian 
122020Measurement properties of existing patient-reported outcome measures on medication adherence: Systematic reviewKwan, Y.H. ; Weng, S.D.; Fang Loh, D.H.; Phang, J.K.; Yi Oo, L.J.; Blalock, D.V.; Chew, Eng Hui; Yap, K.Z. ; Koon Tan, C.Y.; Yoon, S.; Fong, W. ; Østbye, T. ; Low, L.L. ; Bosworth, H.B.; Thumboo, J. 
1331-Aug-2021Physical activity in patients with axial spondyloarthritis in a multi-ethnic south-east Asian countryPhang, Jie Kie; Khor, Andrew Yu Keat; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Ng, Chin Teck ; Fong, Warren 
14Sep-2022Post-mRNA Vaccine Flares in Autoimmune Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases: Results from the COronavirus National Vaccine Registry for ImmuNe Diseases SINGapore (CONVIN-SING)Ma, Margaret; Santosa, Amelia; Kong, Kok Ooi; Xu, Chuanhui; Teng, Gim Gee ; Tang, Johnston GX; Mak, Anselm ; Tay, Frank; Ng, Victoria WW; Koh, Joshua ZE; Fong, Warren ; Chew, Li-Ching ; Low, Andrea ; Law, Annie ; Poh, Yih Jia; Yeo, Siaw Ing; Leung, Ying Ying ; Goh, Wei-Rui; Roslan, Nur Emilia; Chuah, Tyng Yu; Angkodjojo, Stanley; Arkachaisri, Thaschawee; Teh, Kai Liang; Phang, Kee Fong; Sriranganathan, Melonie; Tan, Teck Choon; Cheung, Peter ; Lahiri, Manjari 
159-Jun-2021Postgraduate ethics training programs: a systematic scoping reviewHong, Daniel Zhihao; Goh, Jia Ling; Ong, Zhi Yang; Ting, Jacquelin Jia Qi; Wong, Mun Kit; Wu, Jiaxuan; Tan, Xiu Hui; Toh, Rachelle Qi En; Chiang, Christine Li Ling; Ng, Caleb Wei Hao; Ng, Jared Chuan Kai; Ong, Yun Ting; Cheong, Clarissa Wei Shuen; Tay, Kuang Teck; Tan, Laura Hui Shuen; Phua, Gillian Li Gek ; Fong, Warren ; Wijaya, Limin ; Neo, Shirlyn Hui Shan ; Lee, Alexia Sze Inn; Chiam, Min; Chin, Annelissa Mien Chew ; Krishna, Lalit Kumar Radha 
162020Professionalism in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners: a qualitative studyKwan, Y.H.; Chooi, S.; Yoon, S.; Ang, X.L.; Phang, J.K.; Koh, H.L. ; Thumboo, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Fong, W. 
172019Risk factors for cytomegalovirus disease in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): a systematic reviewChoo, H.M.C.; Cher, W.Q.; Kwan, Y.H. ; Fong, W.W.S. 
182016Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteraemia due to parotitis in a patient with systemic sclerosis and secondary Sjögren’s syndromeYii, I.Y.L; Tan, J.B.X; Fong, W.W.S 
19Feb-2018The Utility of FDG PET/CT in IgG4-Related Disease with a Focus on Coronary Artery InvolvementHuang, Hian L ; Fong, Warren ; Peh, Wee M ; Niraj, Kasat A; Lam, Winnie W 
202019Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) collaborative care for patients with axial spondyloarthritis (AcuSpA): Protocol for a pragmatic randomized controlled trialKwan, Y.H.; Fong, W. ; Ang, X.L.; Tan, C.S. ; Tai, B.C. ; Huang, Y.; Bilger, M. ; Phang, J.K.; Tan, H.C.; Lee, J.V.; Sun, L.; Tan, C.T.; Dong, B.Q.; Koh, H.L. ; Leung, Y.Y. ; Lui, N.L.; Yeo, S.I. ; Ng, S.C. ; Fong, K.Y.; Thumboo, J. ; Østbye, T.