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Yu Heng Kwan


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13-Mar-2021An Adaptable Framework for Factors Contributing to Medication Adherence: Results from a Systematic Review of 102 Conceptual FrameworksPeh, Kai Qi Elizabeth; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Goh, Hendra; Ramchandani, Hasna; Phang, Jie Kie; Lim, Zhui Ying; Loh, Dionne Hui Fang; Østbye, T. ; Blalock, Dan V.; Yoon, Sungwon ; Bosworth, Hayden Barry; Low, Lian Leng ; Thumboo, Julian 
22020Developing item banks to measure three important domains of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in SingaporeUy, E.J.B.; Xiao, L.Y.S.; Xin, X.; Yeo, J.P.T.; Pua, Y.H.; Lee, G.L. ; Kwan, Y.H. ; Teo, E.P.S.; Vaingankar, J.A.; Subramaniam, M.; Chan, M.F.; Kumar, N.; Ang, A.L.C.; Bautista, D.C. ; Cheung, Y.B. ; Thumboo, J. 
32020Development of an item bank to measure medication adherence: Systematic reviewKwan, Y.H. ; Yi Oo, L.J.; Fang Loh, D.H.; Phang, J.K.; Weng, S.D.; Blalock, D.V.; Chew, Eng Hui; Yap, K.Z. ; Koon Tan, C.Y.; Yoon, S. ; Fong, W. ; Østbye, T. ; Low, L.L.; Bosworth, H.B.; Thumboo, J. 
44-Feb-2021Exploring the Prevalence and Factors Associated With Fatigue in Axial Spondyloarthritis in an Asian Cohort in SingaporeLim, Wei Ze; Fong, Warren ; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Leung, Ying Ying 
521-Oct-2021Feasibility & Efficacy of Deprescribing rounds in a Singapore rehabilitative hospital- a randomised controlled trialWong, Andrew Peng Yong; Ting, Tan Wan; Charissa, Ee Jia Ming; Boon, Tan Wee; Heng, Kwan Yu ; Leng, Low Lian
62020Identifying optimal indicators and purposes of population segmentation through engagement of key stakeholders: A qualitative studyYoon, S.; Goh, H.; Kwan, Y.H. ; Thumboo, J. ; Low, L.L.
7Oct-2016Impact of Community-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation on Clinical Parameters of Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases.Ong, Kheng Yong; Yap, Elise; May Fen Chia, Yvonne ; Tay, Hung Yong; Ting, Peter ; Chan, Sui Yung ; Kwan, Yu Heng 
82020Measurement properties of existing patient-reported outcome measures on medication adherence: Systematic reviewKwan, Y.H. ; Weng, S.D.; Fang Loh, D.H.; Phang, J.K.; Yi Oo, L.J.; Blalock, D.V.; Chew, Eng Hui; Yap, K.Z. ; Koon Tan, C.Y.; Yoon, S.; Fong, W. ; Østbye, T. ; Low, L.L. ; Bosworth, H.B.; Thumboo, J. 
931-Aug-2021Physical activity in patients with axial spondyloarthritis in a multi-ethnic south-east Asian countryPhang, Jie Kie; Khor, Andrew Yu Keat; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Ng, Chin Teck ; Fong, Warren 
1011-Mar-2021Population segmentation of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and its clinical applications - a scoping reviewSeng, Jun Jie Benjamin; Monteiro, Amelia Yuting; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Zainudin, Sueziani Binte; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Thumboo, Julian ; Low, Lian Leng 
112019Risk factors for cytomegalovirus disease in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE): a systematic reviewChoo, H.M.C.; Cher, W.Q.; Kwan, Y.H. ; Fong, W.W.S.