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Sung Won Yoon


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129-Jan-2020Access to CKD Care in Rural Communities of India: a qualitative study exploring the barriers and potential facilitatorsJafar, Tazeen Hasan; Ramakrishnan, Chandrika; John, Oommen; Tewari, Abha; Cobb, Benjamin; Legido-Quigley, Helena; Sungwon, Yoon ; Jha, Vivekanand
222-Jun-2021Adapting ENABLE for patients with advanced cancer and their family caregivers in Singapore: a qualitative formative evaluationYang, Grace Meijuan ; Dionne-Odom, J. Nicholas; Foo, Yi Han; Chung, Ariel Hui Mei; Kamal, Nur Haidah Ahmad; Tan, Laurence; Yu, Chou Chuen; Khanh, Le Mai; Koh, Audrey Rui Xuan; Teo, Irene ; Yoon, Sungwon ; Bakitas, Marie
33-Mar-2021An Adaptable Framework for Factors Contributing to Medication Adherence: Results from a Systematic Review of 102 Conceptual FrameworksPeh, Kai Qi Elizabeth; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Goh, Hendra; Ramchandani, Hasna; Phang, Jie Kie; Lim, Zhui Ying; Loh, Dionne Hui Fang; Østbye, T. ; Blalock, Dan V.; Yoon, Sungwon ; Bosworth, Hayden Barry; Low, Lian Leng ; Thumboo, Julian 
431-May-2021Perceptions of mobile health apps and features to support psychosocial well-being among frontline health care workers involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response: Qualitative studyYoon, Sungwon ; Goh, Hendra; Nadarajan, Gayathri Devi; Sung, Sharon ; Teo, Irene ; Lee, Jungup ; Ong, Marcus E. H. ; Graves, Nicholas ; Teo, Tess Lin
513-Aug-2021Public perceptions and knowledge of cholesterol management in a multi-ethnic Asian population: A population-based surveyLim, Chiw Yeh; Ho, Jien Sze; Huang, Zijuan; Gao, Fei ; Tan, Swee Yaw; Koh, Woon Puay ; Chua, Terrance; Low, Lip Ping; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Yoon, Sungwon 
62012The alcohol industry lobby and Hong Kongs zero wine and beer tax policyYoon, S ; Lam, T.-H
72013The illusion of righteousness: Corporate social responsibility practices of the alcohol industryYoon, S ; Lam, T.-H