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Julian Thumboo
Thumboo, J.
Thumboo Julian

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12009A case of refractory vasculitic ulcers in a systemic lupus erythematosus patient responding to rituximab and hyperbaric oxygen therapyLui, N.-L.; Thumboo, J. ; Fong, K.-Y. 
22002A chinese version of the Rheumatology Attitudes Index is a valid and reliable measure of learned helplessness in patients with SLEThumboo, J. ; Feng, P.-H.; Chan, S.-P.; Boey, M.-L.; Thio, S.-T.; Fong, K.-Y.
32009A comparison of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in an inception cohort of patients with and without systemic lupus erythematosusLetchumanan, P.; Ng, H.-J.; Lee, L.-H.; Thumboo, J. 
42008A rare cause of reversible unilateral third nerve palsyLui, N.-L.; Thumboo, J. ; See, S.-J.
52006A study of the construct validity of the health utilities index mark 3 (HUI3) in patients with schizophreniaLuo, N. ; Feeny, D.; Seng, B.-K.; Thumboo, J. ; Li, S.-C. 
62008A study on indirect and intangible costs for patients with knee osteoarthritis in SingaporeXie, F.; Thumboo, J. ; Fong, K.-Y.; Lo, N.-N.; Yeo, S.-J.; Yang, K.-Y.; Li, S.-C. 
72018A systematic review of the clinical application of data-driven population segmentation analysisYan, S; Kwan, Y.H; Tan, C.S ; Thumboo, J ; Low, L.L
82017Adaptation of Chinese and English versions of the Ankylosing Spondylitis quality of life (ASQoL) scale for use in SingaporeLeung, Y.Y ; Lee, W; Lui, N.L; Rouse, M; McKenna, S.P; Thumboo, J 
92016Adaptation of Chinese and English versions of the Psoriatic Arthritis Quality of Life (PsAQoL) scale for use in SingaporeLeung, Y.Y ; Thumboo, J ; Rouse, M; McKenna, S.P
103-Mar-2021An Adaptable Framework for Factors Contributing to Medication Adherence: Results from a Systematic Review of 102 Conceptual FrameworksPeh, Kai Qi Elizabeth; Kwan, Yu Heng ; Goh, Hendra; Ramchandani, Hasna; Phang, Jie Kie; Lim, Zhui Ying; Loh, Dionne Hui Fang; Østbye, T. ; Blalock, Dan V.; Yoon, Sungwon ; Bosworth, Hayden Barry; Low, Lian Leng ; Thumboo, Julian 
112018Anti-hypertensive medications and injurious falls in an older population of low socioeconomic status: A nested case-control studyBanu, Z; Lim, K.K; Kwan, Y.H; Yap, K.Z ; Ang, H.T; Tan, C.S ; Fong, W ; Thumboo, J ; Lee, K.H ; Ostbye, T ; Low, L.L 
121-Aug-2022Approaches to improving symptom appraisal: a systematic literature reviewXiang, Ling ; Yoon, Sungwon; Low, Andrea HL ; Leung, Ying Ying ; Fong, Warren ; Lau, Tang Ching ; Koh, Dow Rhoon ; Thumboo, Julian 
132006Are Asians comfortable with discussing death in health valuation studies? A study in multi-ethnic SingaporeWee, H.-L.; Li, S.-C. ; Xie, F. ; Zhang, X.-H.; Luo, N.; Cheung, Y.-B.; Machin, D.; Fong, K.-Y.; Thumboo, J. 
142004Are English- and Chinese-language versions of the SF-6D equivalent? a comparison from a population-based studyWee, H.-L.; Luo, N.; Fong, K.-Y.; Thumboo, J. ; Cheung, Y.-B.; MacHin, D.
15Aug-2006Are they relevant? A critical evaluation of the international classification of functioning, disability, and health core sets for osteoarthritis from the perspective of patients with knee osteoarthritis in SingaporeXie, F. ; Thumboo, J. ; Fong, K.-Y. ; Lo, N.-N.; Yeo, S.-J.; Yang, K.-Y.; Li, S.-C. 
162007Assessing differences in utility scores: A comparison of four widely used preference-based instrumentsWee, H.-L. ; Fong, K.-Y. ; Li, S.-C. ; Machin, D.; Loke, W.-C.; Cheung, Y.-B.; Luo, N. ; Feeny, D.; Thumboo, J. 
172018Assessing the validity of a data driven segmentation approach: A 4 year longitudinal study of healthcare utilization and mortalityLow L.L. ; Yan S.; Kwan Y.H.; Tan C.S. ; Thumboo J. 
1814-Jul-2020Assessment of medical professionalism using the Professionalism Mini Evaluation Exercise (P-MEX) in a multi-ethnic society: A Delphi studyFong, W. ; Kwan, Y.H.; Yoon, S.; Phang, J.K.; Thumboo, J. ; Leung, Y.Y. ; Ng, S.C. 
192020Assessment of medical professionalism: Preliminary results of a qualitative studyFong, W.; Kwan, Y.H.; Yoon, S.; Phang, J.K.; Thumboo, J. ; Leung, Y.Y. ; Ng, S.C.
202010Association of body mass index with Short-Form 36 physical and mental component summary scores in a multiethnic Asian populationWee, H.-L. ; Thumboo, J. ; Wu, Y. ; Tai, E.S. ; Lee, J.