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Kheng Hock Lee
Hock, L.K.
Lee, Kheng Hock
Lee, K.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Applicability of a previously validated readmission predictive index in medical patients in Singapore: A retrospective studyTan, S.Y ; Low, L.L; Yang, Y ; Lee, K.H 
22008Attitudes towards the doctor-patient relationship: A prospective study in an Asian medical schoolLee, K.H. ; Seow, A.; Koh, D.; Luo, N. 
32011Could peak proteinuria determine whether patient with dengue fever develop dengue hemorrhagic/dengue shock syndrome? - A prospective cohort studyVasanwala, F.F ; Puvanendran, R ; Fook-Chong, S; Ng, J ; Suhail, S.M ; Lee, K 
42009Effective cryopreservation of neural stem or progenitor cells without serum or proteins by vitrificationKuleshova, L.L. ; Magalhaes, R.; Gouk, S.S. ; Lee, K.H. ; Tan, F.C.K. ; Dawe, G.S. 
52015Effectiveness of a transitional home care program in reducing acute hospital utilization: A quasi-experimental studyLow, Lian Leng ; Vasanwala, Farhad Fakhrudin ; Ng, Lee Beng ; Chen, Cynthia ; Lee, Kheng Hock ; Tan, Shuyun
62017Evaluating a novel Integrated Community of Care (ICoC) for patients from an urbanised low-income community in Singapore using the participatory action research (PAR) methodology: A study protocolLow L.L. ; Maulod A. ; Lee K.H. 
72017FAM-FACE-SG: A score for risk stratification of frequent hospital admittersLow, L.L ; Liu, N ; Lee, K.H ; Ong, M.E.H ; Wang, S; Jing, X; Thumboo, J 
82015Predicting 30-Day Readmissions: Performance of the LACE Index Compared with a Regression Model among General Medicine Patients in SingaporeLow, L.L; Lee, K.H ; Hock Ong, M.E; Wang, S; Tan, S.Y ; Thumboo, J ; Liu, N 
92017Transitional home care program utilizing the integrated practice unit concept (THC-IPU): Effectiveness in improving acute hospital utilizationLow, L.L ; Tay, W.Y ; Tan, S.Y ; Chia, E.H.S; Towle, R.M; Lee, K.H 
102012What do medical students learn when they follow patients from hospital to community? A longitudinal qualitative studyPuvanendran, R.; Vasanwala, F.F.; Kamei, R.K.; Hock, L.K. ; Lie, D.A.