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Tan, N.-C.


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12020Assessment of willingness to Tele-monitoring interventions in patients with type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension in the public primary healthcare settingSin, D.Y.E.; Guo, X.; Yong, D.W.W.; Qiu, T.Y.; Moey, P.K.S. ; Falk, M.-R. ; Tan, N.C. 
211-Dec-2021Associations between socio-demographics, nutrition knowledge, nutrition competencies and attitudes in community-dwelling healthy older adults in Singapore: findings from the SHIELD studyOng, Rebecca Hui San; Chow, Wai Leng ; Cheong, Magdalin; Lim, Gladys Huiyun; Xie, Weiyi; Baggs, Geraldine; Huynh, Dieu Thi Thu; Oh, Hong Choon; How, Choon How ; Tan, Ngiap-Chuan ; Tey, Siew Ling; Chew, Samuel Teong Huang 
320-May-2021Clinician perspectives on a culturally adapted patient decision aid concerning maintenance therapy for asthmaLifeng Zheng; Soh Heng Agnes Ngoh; Yu Xin Julia Ng ; Ngiap Chuan Tan 
42014Developing a primary care research agenda through collaborative efforts-a proposed "6E" modelTan, N.C ; Ng, C.J; Rosemary, M; Wahid, K; Goh, L.G 
52004Diagnosis and misdiagnosis of hemifacial spasm: A clinical and video studyTan N.C. ; Tan E.-K. ; Khin L.W. 
626-Apr-2021Evaluating the effectiveness and utility of a novel culturally-adapted telemonitoring system in improving the glycaemic control of Asians with type-2 diabetes mellitus: a mixed method study protocolGoh, Kuan Liang Shawn; Lee, Cia Sin ; Koh, Choon Huat Gerald ; Ling, Ng Ling; Ang, Seng Bin ; Oh, Christina; Lin, Yongqing; Yuan, Wei ; Zheng, Qishi Charles; Tan, Ngiap Chuan 
72017Factors associated with impaired color vision without retinopathy amongst people with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A cross-sectional studyTan, N.C ; Yip, W.F; Kallakuri, S; Sankari, U; Koh, Y.L.E 
89-Oct-2019Factors associated with muscle mass in community-dwelling older people in Singapore: Findings from the SHIELD studyTey, Siew Ling; Chew, Samuel Teong Huang ; How, Choon How ; Yalawar, Menaka; Baggs, Geraldine; Chow, Wai Leng ; Cheong, Magdalin; San Ong, Rebecca Hui; Husain, Farah Safdar; Kwan, Shuyi Charmaine; Tan, Cynthia Yan Ling ; Low, Yen Ling ; Ngiap, Chuan Tan ; Dieu, Thi Thu Huynh
91-Apr-2021Impact of specialized oral nutritional supplement on clinical, nutritional, and functional outcomes: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial in community-dwelling older adults at risk of malnutritionChew, Samuel Teong Huang ; Tan, Ngiap Chuan ; Cheong, Magdalin; Oliver, Jeffery; Baggs, Geraldine; Choe, Yong; How, Choon How ; Chow, Wai Leng ; Tan, Cynthia Yan Ling ; Kwan, Shuyi Charmaine; Husain, Farah Safdar; Low, Yen Ling ; Dieu, Thi Thu Huynh; Tey, Siew Ling
102016Management of hypertension and multiple risk factors to enhance cardiovascular health - A feasibility study in Singapore polyclinicsJafar, T.H ; Tan, N.C ; Allen, J.C ; Pradhan, S.S; Goh, P ; Tavajoh, S; Keng, F.M; Chan, J
112018Management of hypertension and multiple risk factors to enhance cardiovascular health in Singapore: The SingHypertension cluster randomized trialJafar, T.H ; Tan, N.C ; Allen, J.C ; Finkelstein, E.A ; Goh, P ; Moey, P; Quah, J.H.M ; Hwang, S.W ; Bahadin, J ; Thiagarajah, A.G ; Chan, J; Kang, G; Koong, A 
122014PAIR up for primary care excellence: Perspectives from a primary healthcare provider in SingaporeTan, N.C. 
1324-Dec-2022Prevalence and associated factors of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults at risk of malnutritionChew, Samuel Teong Huang ; Tey, Siew Ling; Yalawar, Menaka; Liu, Zhongyuan; Baggs, Geraldine; How, Choon How ; Cheong, Magdalin; Chow, Wai Leng ; Low, Yen Ling ; Huynh, Dieu Thi Thu; Tan, Ngiap Chuan 
142013Research consultation clinic: Impetus towards facilitating primary care researchTan, N.C. ; Tan, Y.T.; Kin, P.T.
152015Short-term trajectories of use of a caloric-monitoring mobile phone app among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a primary care settingGoh G.; Tan N.C. ; Malhotra R. ; Padmanabhan U.; Barbier S.; Allen J.C.Jr. ; Østbye T. 
162014Subjects with colour vision deficiency in the community: What do primary care physicians need to know?Chan, X.B.V; Goh, S.M.S; Tan, N.C 
172015Ten-year longitudinal study of factors influencing nocturnal asthma symptoms among Asian patients in primary careTan, N.C ; Nadkarni, N.V ; Lye, W.K ; Sankari, U; Nguyen, V.H
182014The influence of caregivers' knowledge and understanding of asthma aetiology on domiciliary management of children with asthmaSoo, W.F.; Tan, N.C. 
192011Treat-to-target approach in managing modifiable risk factors of patients with coronary heart disease in primary care in Singapore: What are the issues?Tan, N.C ; Ho, S
202017Trial to Incentivise Adherence for Diabetes (TRIAD): Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialBilger, M ; Shah, M; Tan, N.C ; Howard, K.L ; Xu, H.Y; Lamoureux, E.L ; Finkelstein, E.A