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How Choon How
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How, C.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2012A guide to requesting outpatient and emergency radiographsTan, G.J.S.; Lim, E.L. ; How, C.H. 
211-Dec-2021Associations between socio-demographics, nutrition knowledge, nutrition competencies and attitudes in community-dwelling healthy older adults in Singapore: findings from the SHIELD studyOng, Rebecca Hui San; Chow, Wai Leng ; Cheong, Magdalin; Lim, Gladys Huiyun; Xie, Weiyi; Baggs, Geraldine; Huynh, Dieu Thi Thu; Oh, Hong Choon; How, Choon How ; Tan, Ngiap-Chuan ; Tey, Siew Ling; Chew, Samuel Teong Huang 
39-Oct-2019Factors associated with muscle mass in community-dwelling older people in Singapore: Findings from the SHIELD studyTey, Siew Ling; Chew, Samuel Teong Huang ; How, Choon How ; Yalawar, Menaka; Baggs, Geraldine; Chow, Wai Leng ; Cheong, Magdalin; San Ong, Rebecca Hui; Husain, Farah Safdar; Kwan, Shuyi Charmaine; Tan, Cynthia Yan Ling ; Low, Yen Ling ; Ngiap, Chuan Tan ; Dieu, Thi Thu Huynh
41-Apr-2021Impact of specialized oral nutritional supplement on clinical, nutritional, and functional outcomes: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial in community-dwelling older adults at risk of malnutritionChew, Samuel Teong Huang ; Tan, Ngiap Chuan ; Cheong, Magdalin; Oliver, Jeffery; Baggs, Geraldine; Choe, Yong; How, Choon How ; Chow, Wai Leng ; Tan, Cynthia Yan Ling ; Kwan, Shuyi Charmaine; Husain, Farah Safdar; Low, Yen Ling ; Dieu, Thi Thu Huynh; Tey, Siew Ling
51-Jul-2014Male osteoporosis: clinical approach and management in family practiceGoh, Lay Hoon ; How, Choon How ; Lau, Tang Ching 
6Sep-2013Postnatal depression: A family medicine perspectiveUmboh, S.J.; How, C.H. ; Chen, H. 
724-Dec-2022Prevalence and associated factors of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults at risk of malnutritionChew, Samuel Teong Huang ; Tey, Siew Ling; Yalawar, Menaka; Liu, Zhongyuan; Baggs, Geraldine; How, Choon How ; Cheong, Magdalin; Chow, Wai Leng ; Low, Yen Ling ; Huynh, Dieu Thi Thu; Tan, Ngiap Chuan 
829-Nov-2021Prevalence of low muscle mass and associated factors in community-dwelling older adults in SingaporeTey, Siew Ling; Huynh, Dieu Thi Thu; Berde, Yatin; Baggs, Geraldine; How, Choon How ; Low, Yen Ling; Cheong, Magdalin; Chow, Wai Leng; Tan, Ngiap Chuan; Chew, Samuel Teong Huang 
91-Aug-2012The unwelcome visitorTeng, Gim Gee ; Tong, Chung Yan; How, Choon How ; Goh, Lay Hoon