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11-Jan-2019Approach to infantile colic in primary careLam, Teck Meng Lawrence; Chan, Poh Chong ; Goh, Lay Hoon 
218-May-2019The Asia-Pacific Academic Primary Care Group (AAPCG): A Platform for regional Primary Care research collaborationGoh, Lay Hoon ; Loh, Victor ; Low, Lian Leng ; Yu, Esther Yee Tak; Sit, Regina
3Mar-2022Cervical cancer screening and vaccination: understanding the latest guidelines.Lim, Tessa Si Chi; Ismail-Pratt, Ida; Goh, Lay Hoon 
41-May-2022Changes in primary care visits arising from the COVID-19 pandemic: an international comparative study by the International Consortium of Primary Care Big Data Researchers (INTRePID)Tu, Karen; Sarkadi Kristiansson, Robert; Gronsbell, Jessica; de Lusignan, Simon; Flottorp, Signe; Goh, Lay Hoon ; Hallinan, Christine Mary; Hoang, Uy; Kang, Seo Young; Kim, Young Sik; Li, Zhou; Ling, Zheng Jye; Manski-Nankervis, Jo-Anne; Ng, Amy Pui Pui; Pace, Wilson D; Wensaas, Knut-Arne; Wong, William CW; Stephenson, Ellen
519-Oct-2018Crossing Cultural Bridges in a Globalised WorldLoh, Victor Weng Keong ; Goh, Lay Hoon ; Furler, John; Wong, Carmen Ka Mun
61-Jun-2016Failure to thrive in babies and toddlersGOH LAY HOON ; HOW CHOON HOW (HOU JUNHAO) ; Ng, Kar-Hui 
71-Nov-2018Humanising patient care through student eyesLOH WENG KEONG VICTOR ; SAMARASEKERA DUJEEPA DASHARATH ; TAN TZE LEE ; GOH LAY HOON 
82018Humanising patient care through student eyesLoh, Weng Keong Victor ; Dujeepa D Samarasekera ; Tze Lee Tan ; Lay Hoon Goh 
96-Jul-2022Living in the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease silent epidemic: a qualitative systematic review of patients' perspectivesNg, Cheng Han; Lim, Wen Hui; Chin, Yip Han; Yong, Jie Ning; Zeng, Rebecca Wenling; Chan, Kai En; Tan, Darren Jun Hao; Fu, Clarissa Elysia; Tang, Ansel Shao Pin; Goh, Lay Hoon ; Devi, Kamala; Chew, Nicholas WS; Mak, Lung-Yi Loey; Tamaki, Nobuharu; Huang, Daniel Q; Noureddin, Mazen; Siddiqui, Mohammad Shadab; Loomba, Rohit; Sanyal, Arun J; Muthiah, Mark
101-Jul-2014Male osteoporosis: clinical approach and management in family practiceGoh, Lay Hoon ; How, Choon How ; Lau, Tang Ching 
111-Oct-2020Multidisciplinary team approach to diabetes. An outlook on providers' and patients' perspectivesTan, Hon Qin Marcus; Chin, Yip Han; Ng, Cheng Han; Liow, Yiyang; Devi, M Kamala; Khoo, Chin Meng; GOH LAY HOON 
1222-Mar-2022Nephrologist referrals of elderly CKD patients in Singapore: A cross-sectional study.Tan, Wei Beng; Szücs, Anna; Burkill, Sarah M; Ong, Shih Hui; Young, Doris; Goh, Lay Hoon 
132020Patients' and healthcare professionals' perspectives towards technology-assisted diabetes self-management education. A qualitative systematic reviewJain, S.R.; Sui, Y.; Ng, C.H.; Chen, Z.X. ; Goh, L.H. ; Shorey, S. 
141-Jan-2022Prevalence and association of chronic musculoskeletal pain on self-management, glycemic control and quality of life among Chinese type 2 diabetes patients in primary careSit, RW; Wang, B; Ng, WS; Abullah, A; Isamail, IZ; Goh, LH ; Wong, SY
1519-May-2022The Effect of Diabetes and Prediabetes on the Prevalence, Complications and Mortality in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.Ng, Cheng Han; Chan, Kai En; Chin, Yip Han; Zeng, Rebecca Wenling; Tsai, Pei Chen; Lim, Wen Hui; Tan, Darren Jun Hao; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Goh, Lay Hoon ; Ling, Zheng Jye ; Kulkarni, Anand; Mak, Lung-Yi Loey; Huang, Daniel Q; Chan, Mark; Chew, Nicholas Ws; Siddiqui, Mohammad Shadab; Sanyal, Arun J; Muthiah, Mark
161-Aug-2012The unwelcome visitorTeng, Gim Gee ; Tong, Chung Yan; How, Choon How ; Goh, Lay Hoon 
171-Jun-2020Vaginal discharge: evaluation and management in primary careSim, M ; Logan, S ; Goh, LH